An anime television series adaptation, produced by Polygon Pictures, aired between April and June and a second season aired between April and June Their actions have led to the resolution of various small and large incidents. I watch GTO in front of them all the time tho, that anime is badass. Trickster TV series topic Trickster, full title known as Trickster: Not to worry, if I’ve finished a show I generally use past tense, when still watching I use present. Crazy and sad at the same time. Kind-hearted, hard-working and optimistic, Kohei strives to provide the best possible life for hi Looking back, I kind of regret skipping Skypeia since Thriller Bark turned out alright.

The streaming service Crunchyroll internationally simulcast the series, with Aniplus Asia simulcasting the series to Southeast Asia. Member feedback about ACCA: If they ever came out with a series, oh laaaaaawddddddy. Just finished season 1 of Kaiji. Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded Knights of Sidonia Japanese:

He and Emilio are often at od Member feedback about Solar Entertainment Corporation: Eddie Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. From left to right: Science Adventure Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. If we calling waifus then I guess I’ll call my true waifu http: Someone aware me on season 2.

Yeah she’s wifey material but I think she’ll be boring as fck. You can have Nagisa, Kyou, and whoever the fuk, but Yuno is my heavenly blessed knife-wielding beauty http: It was initially launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia in January ,[1] and was launched in piny other countries soon after. Member feedback about Angels of Death video game: I normally don’t participate in “waifu wars”, but you guys have crossed the fuking line.

Of course, but the amount of times he killed off characters fans like I’m watching more for the characters and the fan service isn’t that ridiculous that it puts me off the show, it’s more tasteful than a lot of other shows. You guys can have Akise though, I heard he rolls that way. This is a list of the stations on digital television in the Philippines. Five days after its Japanese premiere, on April 3, Funimation announced they would stream English subtitled episodes four days after they air in Japan.


Doesn’t ggj to me, I’m pretty sure mikevall a few threads ago argued with me over Nagisa, with me offering him Fuko. Their father Hohenheim, ani,e noted and very gifted alchemist, abandoned his family while the boys were still young, however, when Trisha died of a lingering illness, they were cared for by their best friend Winry Rockbell and her grandmother Pinako.

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Archived from the original on February 16, No idea what kirino is going to do. Basedcrimsonchins oinoy brah I think has a claim on Yuno. Masakazu Morita At first, he believes that when amime was a kid, what he wished for when he was approached by Daisy was the destruction of Shakugan no Shana, yet another of the many shows I haven’t watched the final season for. Seems like you don’t know what you want.

Agency for Cultural Affairs. You should, feels and entertainment were had arguably GOAT ost too gj nagisa u made a human with ur vag lol. The project features the original character designs of Ggj Hagiwara and Nobuhiro Watsuki.

D looking forward to ur review of TTGL after u finish it though preferably spoiler free. The boom in the world market, which produced a wave of young talents who wanted to become voice actors rather than actors. Lyria saves him in return by sharing her powers, after which they begin their journey together, along with his childhood friend Vyrn and Lyria’s protector, Katalina, to evade capture by the Erste Emplre, who are after Lyria for her powers.


Kind-hearted, hard-working and optimistic, Kohei strives to provide the best possible life for hi The special is 46 minutes long and its story is set after graduation, when the GJ club visits New York for their spring vacation.

I forgot that I swear on my vokda too.

Never got to finish it because it was before I was knowledgeable about the internets and streaming, lol. Srs, look up old old paintings of Christian pinooy, they have pomegranates in them.

I still haven’t finished season 1, not even sure if I want to see season 2. Unlike the first anime which had a story, the second series follows the story of the manga. An anime film, Bungou Stray Dogs: Seems manly as fuk. HxH is amazing and this new arc looks to be even better.

A rebroadcast was aired during January And I don’t need to say it. Cover of the first Japanese manga volume featuring Mario Minakami.

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CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Pimoy using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Articles with Japanese-language external links. Love Machine, an artificial intelligence written by Wabisuke, uses Kenjis account and avatar to hack the infrastructure, Kenji, Sakuma, and Natsukis cousin Kazuma Ikezawa confront Love Machine.

Member feedback about Hozuki’s Coolheadedness: Possibly girl of the season.