Laura 34 books view quotes. Jun 18, Mar 11, I tried to smeck and said: It seemed a bit bezoomny to me but I let them get on with what they wanted to get on with. A teddy boy would riot in the streets after dinners cooked by mum. Then I could slooshy voices saying Right right right from like a distance, then nearer to, then there was a quiet like humming shoom as though things had been switched on. I was heaving away but could not sick, viddying first a britva cut out an eye, then slice down the cheek, then go rip rip rip all over, while red krovvy shot on to the camera lens.

Please, please stop it! She was both aggressor and injured party. Brodsky in a very breathy goloss. Brodsky from over by the switchboard saying: Nov 27, But now the age group could exploit the borders of its interstitiality, define itself by hormones and high drama, and rebel with minimal financial responsibilities. Anachronism32 books view quotes.

Why, we’ve hardly started. We do not see the device, what we see is the effect of a Hitachi Magic Wand operated under the table by an unknown accomplice.


His violence, like lust, darts straight for a eral selected as unpredictably as it is directly focused. They made a real pudding out of this starry veck, going crack crack crack at him with the fisty rookers, tearing his platties off and then finishing up by booting his nagoy plott this lay all krovvy-red in the grahzny mud of the gutter and then running off very skorry.


Hayley books view quotes. Aug 08, Now all the time I was watching this I was beginning to get very aware of a like not feeling all that well, and this I put down to the under-nourishment and my stomach not quite ready for tthe rich pishcha and vitamins I was getting here.

Horor 28, Where I was wheeled to, brothers, was like no sinny I had ever viddied before. Nov 08, Andrew books view quotes. Allie 1, books view quotes.

A real good horrorshow – TheTLS

ylazzies Jul 23, But against the right-hand one of the other walls was a bank of all like little meters, and in the middle of the floor facing the screen was like a dentist’s chair with all lengths of wire running from it, and I had to like crawl from the wheelchair to this, being given some help by another like male nurse veck in a white coat.

He was a malenky veck, very fat, with all curly hair curling all over his gulliver, and on his spuddy nose he had very thick ochkies. Joseph 0 books view quotes.


She was both aggressor and injured party. This time the film jumped right away on a young devotchka who was being given the old in-out by first one malchick then another then another then another, she creeching away very gromky through the speakers and like very pathetic and tragic music going on at the same time.

Jul 21, Reist 86 books view quotes. Jan 23, Jul 03, A real show of horrors.

Mar 29, Brodsky from over by the switchboard saying: Then all the teeth were like wrenched out with a pair of pliers, and the creeching and the blood were terrific.

Oct 13, For it was very real. Mar 26, Krystal 21 books view quotes. Aug 11, I tried to smeck and said: Amir books view quotes.

Apr 16, Ed books view quotes.