No, she’s dead , this is her son. He even specifically enough apologizes: Will watch the rest later today. Rachel’s quote at the beginning of the page about being in something special gets a callback in the series finale. A pretty nasty one to Klainers in season 6’s ‘The Hurt Locker’ where Sue is practically a typical Klainer, and ends up using a Saw trap in order to make Kurt and Blaine get back together when they utterly refuse to. When he died in between seasons, Finn died too. A meta-example during the Stylistic Suck Show Within a Show “That’s So Rachel,” which seems to combine some of the stupider plot elements into one big strange un-funny sitcom.

Carole, you will distract the Justice of the Peace with your feminine wiles. Averted by Sue, who genuinely wants to help Kurt, but is held back by protocol, and even resigns the position of principal so that she can help him better. Puck goes to wipe flour off of Quinn’s cheek and they lean towards each other This is a kangaroo court! And it only got worse when it was revealed that the baby’s father was actually her boyfriend’s best friend. Josh Groban plays himself as silly and Olivia Newton John is a big enough bitch that even Sue doesn’t like her. A fourth episode season was ordered for

This was helped by the fact that before the first season was finished it was renewed for both a second and third season, both with 22 episodes. The only time Sue calls Emma by her correct name is in the pilot. They don’t just tell stories, they transport us to other worlds. Please stick a sock in it or ship yourself back to Scotland. The Alpha Bitch Quinn becomes pregnant despite being president of the celibacy club.

You really hurt someone who was a great addition to this school. Sue, surprisingly enough, for Becky and to a lesser extent Kurt. The more people that we sing in front of, the more chances we have of getting one, okay? That is so entertaining. Season 4 introduced Dottie Kazatori and Jordan the neck-brace Cheerio. Played for laughs in Dynamic Duets with Hunter Clarington, the Warblers’ new captain, who is presented petting a white cat.


Failed Attempt at Drama: With Season Four, the show is recycled itself with all the new characters being only slightly different versions of older characters. It should be noted that a lot of emotional and mental issues watcb at play here. Sue insisting that she’s in her twenties, and her declared age seems to decrease slowly. Sue and Santana are the masters of this.

No, seriously – I cleaned your pool, and then we onlin sex.

I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mommy. Ad campaigns for the second season feature the actors throwing slushies at the camera and they’re the album artwork for iTunes singles. I am actually ashamed of you. Go see the nurse. Strangely, she could still count as a Fallen Princess – while she has some of her popularity back, her desire to be popular again stems from the idea that there’s no real future for her, and that the best she can do is be the popular girl, get an average job and marry someone like Finn.

This is a reference to the Brittana fandom going crazy about Brittany and Sam hooking up. Season 5 had the most dramatic retool of them all; New Directions is temporarily disbanded in Episode 11 leading to the departures of Melissa Benoist, Jacob Artist, Alex Newell, and Blake Jennerand the last seven episodes were entirely based in New York.

Daisuke can do it better, I’m sure. Will watch the rest later today. And to anyone who ate the ravioli at lunch and are not up to date with your tetanus shots, please see the school nurse immediately. Puck uses this to rattle an opposing football player: We all say “We do!

I can say, without a doubt, that your dad saved my life. Sue actually salted the earth in her backyard when she sold her house. Rachel Berry in Season 6. Slowly phased out afterwards; there were only three in Season 3, one in Seasonsand two in Season 6.

To a lesser extent, Ken later Carl for Emma but Ken was never taken seriously. Sorry that you sing like you’re getting your prostate checked, and you dance like you’ve been asleep for years and someone just woke you up. The final musical number in “Sectionals,” “My Life Would Suck Without You,” features the kids wafch dance moves from past performances.


Yeah, um, actually, I kind of changed my mind about that. Particular examples are when he finds out the sex of his baby and sees her on the sonogram for the first time, discovers Terri isn’t pregnant and at the end of Season One when the class performs “To Sir, With Love.

Though it bites Santana in the ass, when Finn retaliates in one episode and outs her g,ee a hallway, after she goes too far. Among the things said, Sue says that she should’ve seen it coming, because she was principal when he was bullying Kurt and she knew something was up.

Shortly later we realize that Sue is the new principal, and it’s being moved to her new office. You can’t make fun of Finn anymore.

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Now, your performance, very same exam, unearthed the hitherto undiscovered grade, F Minus. They help us escape our day-to-day anxieties. In the season 4 premiere, Jake does the same thing from where his brother Puck was standing also in the pilot. Giving a heads up to the Japanese speakers or Japan voice actor lovers in the fandom that FOX Japan has finally put up the whole Japanese-dubbed season 1 pilot to be watched for free online!

They also recycled the Aesops of previous episodes.

Glee – S 2 E 12 – Silly Love Songs

Will’s love of Journey could also count here, with mentions made periodically through Season 1, and a series of “flashbacks” noline about them in a Season Two episode. I seriously don’t know what to do with the tags.

What do you say when you answer the phone? Anytime Sue looks to finally stop going after the club, you can bet the Status Quo will be back to normal next week.