Here’s the unfortunate truth behind why it happens. Perhaps we’ll see a new release when the film turns 10 in This is one of those cases. They intercut between the two using the sound effects and voices from the film. And sometimes film elements may be lost or heavily damaged, rendering such a restoration useless or impossible. This led him to be an observer who took in everything and put it all back into his films. Color levels are solid, but facial detail is lacking. Even after the film had ended my friends couldn’t really tell me what they liked about the movie.

The real Henry Hill offers a fascinating “Cop and Crook” commentary on his fictionalized life, often elaborating on events depicted like the famous “What is so funny about me?! Like most of its reissues on Blu-ray, Universal has gone one better in upgrading the soundtrack of Casino. Sure, Joe Pesci can be a little grating at times as he swears a blue streak for no apparent reason much of the time, but at least he’s consistent about it. That said, if you see a bargain bin Lionsgate Blu-ray, know what you’re getting into. Again, Warners seems to be missing the boat on this anniversary edition. Martin Scorsese and mob-themed movies seem to fit together like hand in glove. There was some softness to the picture and visible film grain.

While it certainly seems like every disc seems to feature 5. Or Joe Pesci’s character Tommy, who goes off at the slightest provocation and shoots busboys in the foot for not bringing his drink fast enough. Casino with Nicholas Pileggi. But the transfer is in dire need of restoration, too. We see the Mob life in all its blood red messiness. Young Henry played by Christopher Serrone, in his first and only acting role takes his lumps, gets pinched and handles it properly, thus earning a place of trust.

There’s much more detail than in the DVD, and much sharper edges. The production notes are mildly interesting for a once through, the list of awards the movie won is worthless, but only slightly more so than the “Film Flash” feature. The color is actually pretty good in these scenes too. The movie that made Christian Bale a household name among film geeks and cult cinema lovers gets a goodfella so bad it’s depressing. As Scorsese himself describes, the film is heavy on plot but light on story: But that’s par for the course for Scorsese, who likes a little graininess in his films.


Now, I’m not always the world’s goodflelas fan of these clunky collector’s gift sets, but The Goonies does offer some pretty enticing stuff.


Martin Scorsese takes the helm and directs what Roger Ebert called the best mob movie ever. Everyone else is just perfect.

Sure, there are some films that break goodfdllas barrier and appeal to audiences of all ages, at any time. They pull over, open the trunk and inside is a bloody mess of a man, who is promptly knifed and shot. Steven Soderbergh is well known for being a bit of a visual director, giving style and panache to each and every film he makes. This doc repeats much of the same info as the previous four docs while offering a slightly more in-depth look at his life.

Like when the main character bashes a guy’s face in with his gun for groping his girlfriend.

He’s since emerged, becoming a regular on Howard Stern’s show, not to mention lots of cable TV programs discussing what’s left of the mob. Voices have a tendency to echo slightly, and rview as though they were recorded at a distance. But it gets even better — fans are treated to a tremendously entertaining board game that follows the plot of the movie, and allows you to play as your favorite characters. And it’s hard to deny that the theatrical versions of Lord of the Rings were remarkably disappointing in this regard.

Not at all, I’m sorry to say.

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The movie also does a bang-up job of keeping 30 years worth of material going at a decent pace, even though there’s no real plot to the movie. As always, if you have any other suggestions, please feel free to note them in the comments below. But the transfer is an ugly mess of digital noise reduction, pasty visuals and a print so dirty you’ll wonder if someone dropped the thing in a lint trap before scanning it.


Most of the information is stretched over five documentaries. Continued from Page 1. One of the best extras, which only runs about two minutes, is entitled “De Niro Vs. Nevertheless, it’s a lot of info and it’s nice to finally hear everyone involved in the film talk about it. They tolerate Jimmy’s violent nature because he manages to stay within the bounds.

GoodFellas (HD DVD)

The main character, Henry Hill, exists. After getting a huge bump in terms of audio and video with the HD-DVD edition, this Blu-ray one is even godofellas with its more compelling audio track.

While it’s not very noticeable in most scenes, and is allegedly what Peter Jackson intended, many fans found reason to vent, especially during the snowy scenes when the snow exhibits a very mild green hue. If revidw find a bad disc, let us know!

In fact, there’s a lot of them out there. Or, in one case, added “Nooos.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, a title that probably should have gotten a fresh hi-def remaster, a hearty special edition or high resolution audio mix just doesn’t get the treatment it deserves.

No one but Martin Scorsese could do this material justice.

Despite not being a bad release, for what it is, sometimes expectations mean everything. My parents didn’t have all the cable stations growing up. American Psycho represents one of Lionsgate’s first Blu-ray efforts.