What a cool customer. She willingly participated in the plot and should have considered consequences before she did anything. I think Grandpa already saw it as that Seul and HY can never be together. The Lonely Shin Her husband: I fast forwarded most of it, but I’m in agreement with my friend: Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown:

Just look at the Japanese royal family. You see, that’s what I came to admire about your relationship–the communication, the honesty, and with it, the quick resolution of trivial conflicts. I think the director just wanted another hit, as Goong was so popular. Shin with Chae-Gyung were so cute together and the costumes and environment were brillant and beautiful. No, I watched the episode. I used to find this phenomenon so lovely, but now it makes me a little sad. A press release from the film’s distributor CJ Entertainment on Tuesday announced that Yoon will play the role of main female character Yoo-min in the movie tentatively titled ” My Black Mini Dress “,

Cathe Ryne Denice Sarmiento January 27, at 9: The actor has been in a singer since and an actor in the MBC drama ” Princess Hours ” which has been a hit all over Asia in and now. Your email address will not be published. Dae-woong shoots back that he knows what day it is, without Dong-joo having to come here to point it out.

Salpa January 29, at 6: Although it centers around high school students but a bit abnormal with the royal backgroundsit is not an ordinary high school drama. More Kim Jeong-hoon voted No.


I had stopped watching MP, and is now following Sign, which is getting more interesting. Hi, I really like your picture recap and insight! Where did that courage go?!?!? When they finally saw each other in macao, the princess casually waived at the prince when she saw him.

I already re-watched Shining Inheritance this past week while waiting for Ep It’s because you are going for looks only, that’s why you will never appreciate how good this drama is Episode 6 by Helcat. You didn’t see any sexual tension?

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Dong-joo tells him the one way that she can be saved: While watching the last 20 mins of the show all I could say was. JUst that when you talked about black eyeballs and retinas, it reminded me of it! That unwarranted faith in his character pings his guilty conscience, and Hae-young looks at her intently.

Episodes by LollyPip. JB thank you for your hard work!

Lan January 27, at 2: Kudos to the author of the story. I traded my heart once for a mystical bead and when I wanted it back, the gypsy said no. However, painful as it is epsiode the side of Jeong, it is better to know the truth that Eun is honestly telling her feelings than being cheated. But I like that his very, very, very first real compliment is about her pretty eyelashes, yoong even that is grudgingly offered.


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So I’m gonna go ahead and get it. Yoon-ju delivers her spiteful warning to Seol with a calm voice and pleasant smile, which frankly makes her even more hateable, not that she needs the help. I don’t mind it, this one time as both characters have entertained me and endeared their selves to me throughout the episodes. Will the interest be reflected in its ratings? The story golng originally from the popular Japanese comic book about a mysterious heir to a company Joo Ji-hoonfeindish homosexual patisserie genius, an apprentice who was a boxing champion Yoo Ah-inand a episodd troublemaking body guard Choi Ji-ho who come to this cake shop called “Antique” and reveal their unique fun lives.

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How awful will that be? The episode that rocked my world. Birdie January 26, at Because of the incident, the scandal of the crown princess blows up again and Hwa-young gets nervous so she decides to use Chae-kyeong as the scapegoat to protect her son.

It’s just not consistent with last episode because he declared they’ll either live together or die together.