Just because you choose to ignore certain obvious flaws doesn’t mean we all have to play along. So Victorica herself might have set off that daydream. And when you see her as a girl who loves adventure and mystery, her actions make sense too. Add – More Gosick. Add – More Gangsta. Avril has cut her fingers, but the culprit has already been arrested, or has she?

We start at a dinner session going on in the creepy ship our main characters boarded. The girl from eight years ago knew she was dying, so maybe she had an illness or something? Profiling Avril Bradley, First thing are her different appearances in the spoiler she appears to be blond, a key witness factor is her beauty point and her eyes are quite unique since she is foreigner. The impression I get is that the makers want to make us think that way, in order to put us on the wrong foot. And even if she didn’t because she wanted to carry out her plan and die with Maxim, her family should have still known she was terminally ill, and again, shouldn’t have sent her to a boarding school in the first place. Maybe switch roles with Victorique? Visit Zero Gravity’s homepage! Old man goes crazy once more and we hear a gun shot.

It should have decelerated quickly and the head should have continued onward. Add – More Kantai Collection: Love the review, though. Oh yeah, our heroine has a weird laugh. Add – More Rail Wars! Find More Posts by Gatx. That caught my attention right away.

Guess who enters now? Add – More Blood-C: Victorique feels too artificial, way too “in-your-face I’m so smart and arrgoant, yet so adorable and cute “. Deduction anine follows that because of Milli’s weak state she had no choice but drug Maxim, the key to the ferak already missing she dragged him in there where she switched bodies but not in any way other than hiding him a dark place where the undertaker would not notice.


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Judging from the first arc, this is just how the show handle with the feak mysteries that were already happened and done. I gotta give it to Kazuya today. The Golden Fairy of Hight Tower, As for now, I have no idea who is the killer is but from this one episode I think there is a mastermind behind all of epiisode and that person should be in this school for a long time. However, I watched a trailer and was interested.

Wasn’t this a prestigious academy for the aristocracy? The noon bell rings.

Perhaps her own subconscious is affecting her thoughts. As it develops further I can do the profiling of both people and so Add – More Haikyuu!!

Add – More Shinigami no Ballad. Nice way to leave. Add – More Break Blade. I’d say whatever the light novel has her name listed as Victorique or Victoria should be the official spelling.

I’ll put this on my prediction list. This where the confusion of the murder being committed by the deceased starts. You totally ignore the fact, that this show is made of many little cases and one big mystery part, with the little cases being a joke. I mean, how can one tell by the wine if you just saw it? Well, I guess it’s really easier to go down than up stairs. It is pretty clear how he died.

Kazuya finds some brass knuckles, they hear footsteps, and they hide. While some of her reasoning makes sense, other is just too far fetched: Stuff like this happens.


Add – More Guilty Crown. That’s not how a human body is supposed to work What you’re about to read contains spoilers from this episode. During class, freqk teacher comes in, Miss Cecile, and tells Kazuya to read more ghost stories. Crazy detective cases that are solved nearly instantly, and a very suspicious transfer student named Avril, what can this mean and i feel sorry for the dead guy. Add – More Kaibutsu Oujo.

Gosick Episode Reviews I love my title. She orders Kaz to open some other door in the hallway. Oh Kujo being judgmental of Victorique but I don’t she is like that, she at the very least make allusion to being like that until you figure out what is that makes her like that.

Gosick Episode 4 Discussion

Anyway, he wakes up and we’re now in a epissode room. BBCode Reality’s a bore. His selfless act earned it for me. Add – More Amagi Brilliant Park.

Also, Kazuya and Victorique – awwwww! Yeah, I see what you mean, dude. But I still don’t get it. Add – More Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. Yes, he ran towards the light and made it.

Add – More Hitsugi no Chaika. People dying, a mystery behind the scene, backstory, and so on.