Pump Up The Gym Dream On Part 1 Quarrel of the Story Jackie thinks I’m better-looking than you are. Tracy lowered her window and stuck her head out of it. As soon as he heard Corey’s terrible lyrics, he burst out laughing, causing the milk to come out of Kon’s nose. And I’m worried that this dream is telling me that Grojband has finally come to an end.

Seriously, I don’t why my brain put me through that torture; it almost made me bawl my eyes out. Then things started getting really weird. Jackie thinks I’m better-looking than you are. Season 1, Episode 14 June 13, We’ve used everything in here! Nothing’s gonna stand in our way!

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He just can’t think of anything cool to write about, until Core finds his older sister Trina’s diary, which is full of teen angst. Jackie and Grojband were in their normal hangout spot if you don’t know where that spot is by now, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. The whole town will be there! Kelsey and Alyssa were standing outside. This is my chance to get hunky Rick Salary to fall in love with me! AND Corey gets the band a job as royal minstrels! I love your hair Tracy!

When Trina realizes Corey loves them, she melts the puppet band and his inspiration with them! Isn’t it romantic Rick?

Tracy’s Got an Evil Plan 4. The band hire an expert to help them write a scary campfire song. Season 1, Episode 4 June 11, Go into Trina’s mind to get the strangest lyrics of all. Season 1, Episode 23 June 22, Er, I mean, I’m going! Corey loses his inspiration when his favorite band retires. Kin and Kon had somehow managed to get ahold of a giant crane. Well, I’d keep that yapper of yours closed if I were you.


Corey’s new pirate radio station stops actual pirates from listening to their morning shanties AND Trying to be ahead of their time, the band travels into the future to bring back the hot music trend from one year ahead.

Neither of those sounded like good options, but I guess the game decided to choose for me, episoxe the next thing I knew, Kin, Kon, and Laney settled on giving up and their eyes closed. Zero to Sun Amazed by the power of ‘street cred’ and being thug, Corey decides the band needs to be hard.

Corey decides to mow the adjacent cornfield and rock out, but the mower goes crazy, mowing a crop circle pattern.

Tracy was very embarrassed. Their engines slightly touched each other, causing a heart-shaped smoke cloud to come out of both of them.

I’ve already started writing the first part of the multi-part story. Be the first one to add a plot. AND What if Christine were a guitar? The last thing I remember about the dream was the remaining three band members gronband on the ground, covered with cuts and bruises.


But they awaken a sewer monster while practicing for an underground gig. Season 1, Episode 2 June 10, The diary landed next to her.

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Nothing’s really jumping out at me. All of those things aren’t going to happen. Cheaper By the Cousin Kin was drinking from a carton of milk.

All the while, Kelsey and Alyssa epusode selling Grojband t-shirts to the audience. The band look for odd lyrics inside Trina’s mind.

The Peaceville Stationary Marathon is coming, providing the perfect audience for Grojband’s newest thing – shower music!

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Part 1 of 2. Nightmare at Freddy’s Part 1 That’s a lot of dough-re for me! Grojband and The Newmans decide to make themselves huge by mashing up their tunes.

A bunch of fangirls came over to Rick’s motorcycle and started kissing it. I have heard that dreams can predict the future and have hidden meanings. Live Updates From the 91st Academy Awards 4.

You distract Tracy while I get lyrics from her diary! Also, When Corey hears that hipsters only like bands they’ve never heard of, he thinks Grojband is a perfect fit since no one has heard of them.