Unable to resist the curiosity, Bokya ends up telling his family members about it. Anirudh goes to meet Jasmine, and does not take calls from hotel. He apologises to him for intruding on his personal life and proceeds to ask him why he left home. She thinks she has to check in the corridor, Neil will be busy with Ronnie. Their cover is under the threat of getting blown when their father is about to visit the Belwandi couple while Vijju is still staying with them in disguise. Since he pushes his friends too much, most of them don’t turn up the following day. Bokya then reveals the truth to his grandmother and requests her to keep it a secret before sneaking into the Belwandi house to warn Vijju.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Since he pushes his friends too much, most of them don’t turn up the following day. The next day, Pradeep decides to find the letter to get to the bottom of the mystery. He becomes irritated when she tells him that they can go to a place that is close by and not expensive. He talks to Shreya. Tina says person can do anything if he believes in lov.

Anirudh introduces Annie to them, and says this is Pathak family and Mr Pathak says everything will be like my daughter Parinda likes. On Sunday, as Gauri feels unwell, Ninad drops his daughter for her drawing class. Eventually, she resumes her work there.

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The lady says this evening is special for her too. She says he shows anger, I want him to know me and understand.

He says fine, else I will come to take you. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. They get into a fight, again. The next day, the same man comes back to the cafe. Later, Yogesh refuses to spend time with Anagha and Pooja on his birthday. Annie and Tina see Mr Deodar and Tina tells her that he celebrates his anniversary here since 38 years, and his wife Malika wears stylish 31stt.


He asks about Malika. Gulmohar – Episode 29 – April 30, – Full Episode. Sign in Recover your password. Sudhir then comes to meet her and they talk for a while, after gullmohar she conveys her acceptance. He says stop it now. After a long search, he finally reunites with his family. He runs a small tulmohar named Katta. Bokya lies to the aged Belwandi couple that their grandson, Deven, is arriving to meet them. A password will be e-mailed to you. Gulmohar – Episode 43 – June 18, – Full Episode.

Parinda asks her Maasi about Mausa ji and sends her. Anirudh sees Annie hearing her talk and sends her.

Teeshay stops Tina from saying and says let Annie wait till evening. Meanwhile, Shreya, who is on her way back after breaking up with Subodh, finds the wallet. The next day, Ira finds a postcard mentioning Dada’s arrival.

All cast are supurb. She tells someone about hotel Gulmohar Grand and plans to elope. Meera then reveals that Parth was gravely injured and hospitalised. Episdoe explains himself from the perspective of a father.

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Looking at the expenses, Sarla decides not to go abroad, which makes Diwakar happy. She smiles and leaves. Annie asks Neil about his meeting and goes to his room to take the gilmohar.


Avanti says anything for your smile. Gulmohar – Episode 20 – March 27, – Full Episode. Gulmohar – Episode 39 – June 4, – Full Episode.

Next Post Spoilers — 1st June Annie tells someone that she got a chance to check the corridor again.

Neil looks at her and smiles. Following this, Manisha mortgages her jewelry and asks Sada to mend his ways. Last updated May 31, She thinks she has to check in the corridor, Neil will be busy with Ronnie. At their residence, he discovers a locked room and gets suspicious as he feels like he heard some sound emanating from it.

The series showcases various short stories that revolve around the central theme of love, be it between two lovers, a married couple, parent and kids or just friends.


Bored of her monotonous life, Sarla suggests going on a trip. Hearing this, Sudhir leaves for Mumbai to talk granx her. She says what will we do the day he knows it. Later, she ends up reading the letter.

Welcome, Login to your account. Eventually, Sarla, alone at home, looks out grahd window and imagines going on a trip with her family. However, he manages to talk her out of it. Bokya then questions his father about the old couple. Keeping everyone else in the dark, he urges Vijju to disguise as Deven. Pooja then comes over and joins them. Gulmohar – Episodes