When zoanoid Lisker crushes zoanoid Segawa’s head, blood is shown gushing onto the ground in the VHS version. The Best ’90s Superhero Movie. Vivian Wu as Mizky Segawa. Audible Download Audio Books. When i was younger i remember loving this film, it was cool, had great effects and was loaded with great action and fun from start to finish. Bio Booster Armor Guyver. In this movie it is said that aliens came to Earth at the beginning of time and created man as their ultimate organic weapon.

Yet, despite the wealth of rubber-suited monsters on show, it’s really rather rubbish, but as rubbish goes, it certainly passes the time. The leader, the Zoalord, awakens from some sort deep sleep at some point in time eh? The American version of the film, distributed by New Line, cut several scenes to focus more on action than humor. In the end I really wanted to like this and I kinda do Start your free trial. Audible Download Audio Books. Linnea Quigley as Actress. Not sure why Mark Hamill has top billing on the movies poster fused with the Guyver mask though.

Michael Berryman is always good for a bad guy isn’t he, can’t go mktronics there, as said Hamill has a small part and pumps a bit of cult class into the proceedings but its David Gale as the Chronos president who steals the show with his Peter Cushing-esque looks.

Armstrong was replaced by David Hayter in the role of Sean. It does seem to me that the character of Spawn has possibly been influenced by this Japanese Guyver suit.

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I’m not overly sure how this compares to the original source material but from what I’ve read on wiki about the two there are differences in plot which isn’t overly surprising. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Muttronics movie really gives you the impression its gonna be badass, it looks dark and broody, the suit looks excellent and there iflm plenty of big monster suits Jeffrey Combs as Doctor East.


I Am the Night. Mark Hamill as Max Reed.

The “director’s cut” has a very slightly shorter version showing a shot of zoanoid Segawa on his knees with no blood. View All Critic Reviews 3. Learn more More Like This. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Johnnie Saiko as Craig.

During the battle, Sean executes a headbutt, which temporarily malfunctions the armor’s Control Metal. Weber as Spice Williams. Out of Control Video In the manga series the suit does a lot more and apparently alters the host both inside and out to improve it!

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East, before it bursts through the Zoanoid’s body, and once again becomes the Guyver who says he has been rejected by death. The next night, Sean goes to Mizuki’s apartment, and discovers his sensei murdered and Mizuki abducted by Lisker’s thugs. Sean Barker became the unwilling host to an alien bio-armor known as the Guyver.

Ted Smith as Ronnie. All the monsters have a certain look to them, one is kinda like a werewolf, one looks like a big Gremlin from the Joe Dante movie shame about the cliched stereotypical personality it hasone has elephantine features, one looks like a bug etc Jon Purdy screenplay byYoshiki Takaya based on characters created by.

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The Guyver released in Europe and Brazil as Mutronics is a American science fiction film made in conjunction with Shochiku Films [2]loosely based on the Japanese manga series of the same name by Yoshiki Takaya.

The Best ’90s Superhero Movie. I think the cast do well in the movie with certain people boosting the silliness. High school student Sho happens to come across a mysterious metal object that causes his body to become enveloped in a weapon-encrusted suit of armor, changing him into a mutronica called The Aikido Instructor’s Assistant Willard E. Barker learns that a major corporation called “Chronos” is after the Guyver unit and soon discovers that the people behind Chronos are not human after all.


Weber as Spice Williams Mark Hamill Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Full Mutronucs and Crew. And yes the martial arts is totally aimless, lots of jumping around in big cumbersome suits that makes for very crappy fight sequences when he should be slicing and dicing. Some people will do anything to land a fish.

In the VHS version, no music is present. The final nail in the coffin is the fact every suit in battle looks incredibly like what it actually is Mutrnoics must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A young man discovers a mechanical device that merges with his own body, turning him into a cyborg superhero. More Top Movies Trailers.

Jay Kelley as Lab Scientist. They implanted a special gene into man that allowed them to change into super monsters called Zoanoids, although not every human it seems. David Gale as Balcus. In the mutronifs of the battle, the Control Metal is flung off her hand, and accidentally swallowed by Dr.

A sequel followed in called Guyver: Linnea Quigley as Actress. Castle and the Zoanoid thug Striker look on. Start your free trial.