This time, I had to power through though. I give this cigar 9 rating in my vote. For that price I’ll stick with other H. Final Thoughts Overall, the H. Unfortunately, the bank burned down in the 20s, but luckily enough for you and me, attempts have been made to reintroduce this special concoction. The spice notes kicked up a bit, but never quite make it to being a primary flavor. The dry draw provided some notes of natural tobacco, chocolate, and a mild spice.

Construction is pretty good. The Cuban Revolution led to the nationalization of Cuban cigar companies — including H. Great cigar burns to perfection! Other than the tight draw, they have good flavor. Would not buy again! Now rediscovered and re-blended to replicate the original as closely as possible by using all Cuban-seed tobaccos, H. I have purchased the H.

The wrapper is what initially made me look at the description and I must say I am glad that it peaked my interest. Lights easily, burns evenly with an excellent draw. The resulting ash was not overly tight, but still firm enough where it did not have any unexpected chunks fall off.

For this cigar experience I smoked the Annuity — which is the toro-sized offering of Upmannn Banker.

If you can afford it you should be gankers it! Great flavor as you would expect from Upmsnn Upmann. The smaller size has more flavor to me, but just my opinion. I hated this cigar; seriously hated it after trying it for the first time. Amazingly, the seeries subsides gradually and is gone after the first half inch replaced by rich notes of coffee and earth.


In the early stages some notes of earth, natural tobacco, and chocolate also surfaced. UpmannReview H. Aside from that, this is a wonderful cigar. Click the icons below for product information. Upmann — The Banker provided what I call a solid cigar experience. I’ll leave them there for a month or so and allow them to mellow out. Privacy Policy Click here for our Privacy Policy. The start to the H.

Customer Reviews 41 Overall Rating 4.

H Upmann The Banker

I actually ordered this thinking it was the AJ Fernandez version of H. Long filler and slow burning. Staff Reviews 2 Shop All H. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper has almost upmannn dark caramel color to it. The Arbitrage will last nearly two hours smoked properly. I have the rest sitting in my humidor.

Showing of 41 Reviews Sort By Date: Earthy undertones are met with a distinct toastiness, and the construction is impeccable.

Medium 1st thirdMedium to Full 2nd Third Finish: Yes 0 No 1. The draw was decent with plenty of smoke, but the burn was uneven and the overall experience was kinda blah. Great value this way. I would have no problem buying more, since I enjoyed them I am considering checking out other smokes made by H.

I’ve never really smoked too many non-cuban H Upmanns but this one looked intriguing in it’s description so I gave one a try. I really like this cigar and recommend bankrs to other cigar smokers. Banker would be on that list. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The upmann banker was more of xeries bold smoke and exactly what I was looking for. Great, love them nice and fresh, what a cigar.


Upmann Banker will be launched in three vitolas. This is a cigar that I could recommend to either a novice or experienced cigar enthusiast. I will definitely be making space in the humidor for these beauties.

A bit on the strong side but enjoyable. Construction is pretty good.

H Upmann The Banker Currency Habano Robusto – Thompson Cigar

Flavor Profile The start to the H. Nice cigar with complexity without being overpowering. Anyone who likes a medium body smoke tasting spicy-sweet but not too spicy this is it. Customers buying this also buy. Room smell is mild and pleasant. Blend Profile The Banker is being made in the Dominican Republic featuring a three country multinational blend. Showing of 49 Reviews Sort By Date: