Depending on your standards, it might be good enough to gig with The Hamer Californian CX3 was a budget superstrat introduced in Well, it’s hard to tell for sure from the pictures, but if it was a “Hamer Slammer Series”, it would have had “Slammer Series” in smaller text underneath the Hamer logo which it doesn’t look like there was room for. He has the locking nut pieces, just not the trem bar. My guess is that this is a Korean made model CFX designation? My only concern is that it could possibly be a “Slammer” series.. Not quite Ibanez Wizard thin.

Not quite Ibanez Wizard thin. Does anyone have any experience with this guitar? Okay, I gotta demonstrate a little ego here: Yet again, slightly less quality than the previous generation, but with some caveats. Still, dang good bang for your buck. I tried to do some research on Google, but there isn’t much information out there on this particular guitar..

Identifying this Hamer Californian. I’m just curious as to if it is a ‘Slammer’ series. They were excellent quality import guitars, probably as good or better than 80s MIJ guitars. So I gig my JazzmasterI just want something to practice lead stuff on.

If you hate it, pm me and we’ll talk more. The XT Series is made in China View the Media Kit. However, they did come with the Duncan Design pickups that seem to lack a little bit of sparkle. Although this enhanced musical breadth is the most obvious feature, the Californian is an arsenal of modern guitar improvements.

Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Search. Join the HC Newsletter. In contrast to the bolt seriss construction of the single necked Californians the Californian Doublenecks cwlifornian was a glued dovetail each of which was hand carved to remove any heel block. I just want to say that I appreciate the HC community.


Hamer XT Series Californian 3 Electric Guitar

Yet again, slightly less quality than the previous generation, but with some caveats. Decent tone that can be improved with a pickup swap, decent quality tuners, trem that stays in tune The next generation switched manufacturers?

Some have gorgeous flametops. The pickup selector switch is placed at precisely the proper angle to correspond with your hand movement and is moved back and away from the tremolo where it cannot be moved accidentally. A unique output Jack location directs your cord upward along the bottom edge of the guitar, directly to your wireless, or ready to loop over your strap without any excess cord length to obstruct your performance.

You could choose between the distinctive string-through-body design of the CX2 and CX3, the 3 single coil pickups featured on the CX4Q or the flashy coolness zeries the Californian Quilt Top.

In this model was replaced by the Californian Deluxe – which was identical but with boomerang fingerboard markers. That is a 2nd generation MIK import Hamer. Does anyone hameg any experience with this guitar? The Stressed Neck System of hard rock maple allows the head and neck to resonate freely as one integral unit, without sacrificing the visual appeal of a pitched headstock.

Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. My only concern is that it could possibly be a “Slammer” series.

I won’t be gigging this guitar I play in a psych band. The Hamer Californian CX3 was a budget superstrat introduced in What I call the 4th generation are the Indonesian-made Slammer by Hamer guitars.


The body and neck join at the eighteenth fret. I also had a Special copy bolt-on neck that had decent tone and feel, but I ct it cheap and sold it at a profit. I really liked the look of this guitar, and I figured it would serve it’s purpose well.

Identifying this Hamer Californian | Harmony Central

And I really like the fact that I can come here and get taught a lesson about things I know nothing about. But I did get to know import Hamers as good as just about anyone. But there is a solid chance you may end up really liking it, or even loving it. The obvious is not always apparent until it manifests itself in finished form.

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The CX series in particular was a range of budget super strats made from around onwards. Skip to main content.

They were made up until 97 or Some are xxt enough to gig with. I doubt anybody would have gone through the trouble of falsifying one Korean guitar for another.

Identifying this Hamer Californian

The headstocks look very similar, and most of the info I found indicates that this could possibly be a Slammer that someone modified the logo to look more like a standard Hamer. The Californian is that form. In the general opinion I’ve heard, this generation has some really good points, but hqmer is just slightly lower quality than the 1st generation.