Otome’s crew continues to idol Hero-Ham, still not knowing it’s Boss, and they keep Lapis up all night with the noise from their building tributes to Hero-Ham and statues of who he’s defeated the Three Crow Ladies from and the Muha-Muha Alien, who was also Boss in disguise, from episode Yoshi are going on a date to the zoo. Boss looks up to Sabu and runs away with him to learn how to be a man for Bijou. At the end of the Japanese version of this OVA they have the Ham-Ham drinking alcohol well champagne , at the end during the party they have. Nande meets Mystery and Magical, and Magical tries to be as good as Mystery is at magic tricks. She promises to never leave her home again, meaning she cannot see her friends ever again. An ostrich’s egg rolls away from Mr.

Bijou, Sandy, Pashmina, and Penelope notice that there are not many female thieves in any stories they’ve heard before, so they and the other Hams come up with a story that involves a trio of female thieves known as “The Little Bandits. Lazuli makes seeds that bring the statues to life, but the evil statues mess up Otome’s crew’s Hero-Ham tribute. Hamtaro, Oxnard, Bijou, and Boss are curious and play with it too, but Boss knocks it over accidentally and one of the batteries gets knocked out, and Kana thinks it has broken. Sparkle and her owner Glitter are moving to Hollywood. The group of hamster explorers call themselves the Ham-Hams, and there’s nowhere they won’t go. This is the last episode to be aired on Cartoon Network, ergo, last episode aired in the United States.

Humans are going to dig up the tree above the Ham-Ham Clubhouse! They end up looking for it on a mammoth, but Bo and Hamtaro are sucked into its trunk! The Ham-Hams, who know that Roberto is a kind person who truly loves soccer, and that without Roberto Travis’ soccer team won’t have a good chance in the championships, decide to try to patch things up.


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Laura is preparing a very special celebration for Father’s Day! O Takara Sagashi ” Japanese: The Ham-Hams meet the Rainbow Girls, loyal servants to Prince Bo, and they need to take a special basket to a high floating island. O Hanashi Kikasete ” Japanese: Laura and Kana with Hamtaro and Oxnard listen to a scary story from Mr. They do not contain questionable content ex: The Ham-Hams want to play with Sparkle, but she wants to have a more lovely and elegant vacation Views Read Edit View history.

When Mimi Panda’s owner is unable to go to the amusement park, the Ham-Hams decide to create an amusement park of their own to cheer her up, but a powerful storm halts construction and it proves difficult for them to finish. However, Hamtaro isn’t going to move after all, but Boss runs away from home and his friends. Laura and Kana get into problems while skiing, and Brandy and the Ham-Hams help.

Will Lapis forgive her sister or not? The anime series is directed by Osamu Nabeshima and produced by Shogakukan. The Ham-Hams meet Barrette, a hamster who can knit.

Tottoko Hamtarou

Oxnard becomes impressed by him that he would eat anything Chef Ham can prepare. An ostrich’s egg rolls away from Mr. Lion has a ton of work, the ham hams help him out.

After Boss saves Bijou from a big ball that was headed toward her, everyone says that Boss is like a knight.

But she runs into troubles when an evil Sparkle orders her ninja team to get rid of Princess Bijou. The cute and cuddly pet of fifth-grader Laura, Hamtaro is a golden hamster with an insatiable curiosity. After having trouble with the chickens, a female farmer named Charlotte Rooster saves the day.

While playing at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Howdy and Dexter start arguing and thanks to them, the Ham-Hams make a mess of the entire Clubhouse, only to be booted out of there by Boss. Later on, a storm breaks while Laura and Kana are away from the main beach.


Crows bother Laura and her friends, so the Ham-Hams try to scare the crows away. Meanwhile, Laura must do a project for school. So Hamtaro becomes a private investiham, and with his magnifying glass, goes on a hunt for the hqmtaro.

Koi no Hana Hana ” Japanese: The Ham-Hams make too much noise while playing, and they upset Boss, ahmtaro is trying to sleep. In Singapore, Hamtaro DVD box sets are available with 4 discs of the first season 26 episodes with six episodes hamtao each disc.

Hamtaro, Oxnard, Penelope and Jingle find the disk and put it in Laura’s pocket, where her father finds it. Niji No Hashi ” Japanese: Can the Ham-Hams save them? They take her to Dr. Aki Matsuri ” Japanese: Meanwhile, Laura is shocked that Kana and Travis are hanging out together.

One day, Hamtaro has a dream that there is a princess living in a golden desert palace asking him for help! Howdy is afraid of what might happen to his friend. Yoshi take care of Yamato.

Sandy’s owner Hillary messes up gym training and Sandy gets worried. Oshare and the Ham-Hams see a man being mean to Katrinne, but it is really just one of her acts. Bijou is afraid that 1222 has gone forever. Skyham comes to play at the Clubhouse, but Nande is in the Clubhouse, and has been keeping Boss and Snoozer up all night.

Meanwhile Laura’s mom is away. Elder-Ham, however, remarks how much Sandy looks like a boy hamster that he knew. Boss, Howdy, Dexter, and Bijou look for them. Laura and her classmates go on a field trip to a flower garden with Mr.