A great deal of damage was done to the Huang family’s property but Noei told Zao to send the invoices to Rosenthal Corp as Carl Rosenthal had offered to pay for the losses. Later, the police, together with Li-Ren and Toranosuke arrives in time to save them and capture the faulters. Argument ensues that as the head of the Huang group it is his obligation to settle down and produce an heir, to which Lee-leng refuses. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kajika accepts a proposal to participate in a “marriage game” from her father, Harry Burnsworth. After finding out about Kajika’s lineage, Quinza set out to kill her. Or will he rise up and take the throne?

Kajika is confused about what kind of love she feels for her friends and has a talk with Eugene about it. On the other hand, Carl visits the American embassy seeking more information on Kajika’s whereabouts. Mahaty and Kathleen talked. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Top 15 Best Reverse Harem Anime of All Time There is no such thing as too much love, most especially when it comes from a bunch of cute guys with unique and charming personalities. Kajika saves the group from being discovered by pretending to be Rumaty, and asking the members of the police to help her save Raginei from destruction, they believe her and lead the group out of the maze and into safety.

Quinza is found and taken to the hospital. Together with Toranoske and Li-Ren they also go to Yui’s house. Kajika is confused about what kind of love she feels for her friends and has a talk with Eugene about it.

Things have changed in the last year, there is an uprising in the North of Raginei and while Noei is rallying forces to fight he doesn’t believe that having no monarchy is in the best interest for the country.


Li-Ren arrives and takes Kajika home.

Meanwhile Noei gains the support of Lieutenant Kopel, in which the lieutenant vows to hold soldiers back in order to fight for Rumaty’s return. Kajika and Rumati both take a stroll and Rumati asks Kajika to leave him alone.

Carl meets the very depressed Lee-Leng for an explanation of the sudden news that he’ll be married to his cousin and at the same time tries to convince him to fight hajasakeru way through this hurdle.

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Carl thanks Kajika, as it was the second time she had saved him. Archived copy as title link. He then finds his kissanim promising to protect him and his brother embraces him. Later, he finds that his father has died, and he has been accused of high treason.

CS1 Japanese-language sources ja CS1 maint: Everyone is worried about how Rumaty will receive the news about Raginei. Kajika sneaks out because she can’t sleep and meets Rumati on the way out, they start to talk, unwanted by Rumati, and learn new stuff about each other, Rumati gives his cloth to Kajika and minutes later they run into assassins.

This episode starts off by Kajika putting forth the idea to cut Eugene’s hair! Eugene’s letter reaches Kajika through the American Embassy and Toranosuke.

Hanasakeru Seishounen ep 35 English Sub – Kissanime

Kajika sits there and waits until Carl comes from work. They find Eugene there, wearing a yukata. Mahaty gets drunk on champagne and ends up sleeping seishoundn Kathleen’s apartment.

Sep 10, 6: Lee-leng was slightly jealous and questioned Eugene’s decision. When Eugene confronts Quinza about this Quinza tells him that he was going to be detained at the Palace for a while, just to make Kajika worried. He hugs her, saying that he loves her and made him not hate women anymore.


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Eugene visits Rumaty’s cousin at his mansion and learns that there is someone else pulling the strings from the shadows. Rumaty, hiding in the shadows overhears the conversation.

Thrown off balance by Kajika’s unexpected visit, Eugene yells at Kajika to get out, but his family intervenes and seixhounen her to stay. Kajika, Goslen and Lee-leng escape the hideout using an underground maze.

A novel about Mahaty. Argument ensues that as the head of the Huang group it is his obligation to settle down and produce an heir, to which Lee-leng refuses. Towards the end of the episode, Kajika finally confesses that she loves Lee-leng and she does not want him to be in love with another girl. Kajika, Fred and Harry heads to Raginei to visit Mahaty.

Kajika placed the headgear on her head and under the romantic moonlight, Rumati was briefly enchanted with Kajika’s beauty that is, until a lorry sped and wanted to ram into Rumati. DramaRomanceShoujo. He asks Lee-Leng why he won’t tell Kajika how he feels. Meanwhile news of Eugene’s abduction reaches Lee-leng, thinking that there’s a high probability that Najayra is behind it. Spring TV Studio Pierrot. Kajika later thinks about the strange connection kissanimme feels towards Raginei and wonders why she feels that way.