English subtitles please…………… or even with translations written. Hatice finally realizes that her husband has been unfaithful. It chronicles the power struggles among members of the Imperial House. A young woman like you will get remarried and build a new family. Will you allow Nigar to stay in the palace? That was not my intention.

I am not going against your orders but first I want to know what is she blamed for. He wakes up and swear that Ibrahim fate will be just like the fate of Iskandr. Retrieved 28 November Suleiman send for Ibrahim in the night and tells him that Khadija has forgiven him and will not divorce him cause she thinks of her children but he Suleiman how shall he forgive that Ibrahim was using the name of the Sultan without his knowledge. Retrieved 14 November Email required Address never made public. When will you stop this Hurrem? Sultana Khadija is right there is no place for you to intervene in this problem.

Hi, where can I find episode 2 in the first series with English subtitles? Archived from the original on 29 November Nigar is taken to a quiet room she should reside there until the situation quiets down.

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Nobody should know about Nigar, it would be very bad especially towards Ibrahim Pasha. I am you all in one pack. Do not sotlan for one moment to defend those treacherous bastards, there is a witness.

Archived from the original on 19 July I am not the girl who is in the last minute finagling of a date. Nobody is going between me and the Sultan. Retrieved 10 March I am not sure if they translate all the conversations and set them with English subs.

Nobody will find you in the place I know of. Retrieved 13 October Like Liked by 1 person. Retrieved 25 October Afife asks Hurrem to hand over Nigar or she must use other ways to force her to give out Nigar.


Archived from the original on 14 July Sultana Khadija shouts that everyone should leave cause she wants to talk to Hurrem alone. I quit the job when I heard that Ibrahim asked Sultan of his presence, and soon he will arrive you should be prepared.

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They are interrupted by Kawthar who announces the presence of Afife and Aghas to take Nigar out. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Mahidevran accuses Nigar how she seaskn behave as nothing has happened and returns after she has been thrown out of the castle, she shuts Sunbul down without letting him say anything.

Meanwhile, Mihrimah leaves the palace. Suleiman send a letter to tahmasp and requests his presence as a leader in war not hiding in his throne like a woman. This is on the sltan that few individuals just feels exceptional with new young ladies. I know that only that this site is by far the best for me. You are living now, this is important.

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He orders everyone except Iskandr out. Prepare your plans for Tunis. Retrieved 26 February Find links to Summaries for Episodes 69 — 78 further down in English. Nigar one of the main Harem leaders explains to Alexandra that if she behaves herself and does as she is told, she will be summoned by the Sultan, and if she gives him a son, she will rule the world as a Sultana. Further summaries Season 3 Swason One of the site visitors gave me an update that in Mexico this series first season is being shown in Spanish dubbed Television.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Retrieved 30 April It might be seadon blacking when changing the scenes, it might be related also to cut off advertising. Helmi Pasha has caught them, while they were trying to steal the treasury.

The attacker was another archer sent by Behram Pasha. Email required Address never made public.

Khadija was sending the letter on purpose to Hurrem. He sends Captain Khedr off to conquer Tunis and open a new osmanic empire.

Retrieved 22 February Yes I will be making your stay in my city a terrific memory. Hatice, who at first wanted to divorce him, tries to save their marriage. June 25, at 2: The Shah hands Bayezid and his sons over to Selim, who orders their execution. Is it not enough what you have let me live through? April 4, epp He turns to Mustache Pasha and asks him about the whereabouts of Tahmasp. I believe when they want to they will find a reason.

One of the posts asks Iskandar Shalabi to come out cause Ibrahim Pasha requests his presence and it cannot wait. You are commenting using your WordPress. In the spring it will seasin possible to regain Tabriz.