But Hurrem says and why should she leave? They will continue their life as nothing has happened and it was only you and the newborn who suffered. Do not think for one moment to defend those treacherous bastards, there is a witness. And due to this leave everything as it is, think of your destiny that is now taking its course step by step without you realizing it. Mustapha is talking to Captain Khedr and is happy of the victories they achieved against Spain and Venice and the Mediterranean Sea. Nigar is taken to a quiet room she should reside there until the situation quiets down.

Thanks to Allah victory was ours and conquering Bagdad can be at any time. She dismisses everyone to read the letter by herself. Either all Istanbul will know about this topic or we wait upon the return of the Sultan. I have heard you prepared a battleship to open Tunis. You are commenting using your WordPress. In the spring it will be possible to regain Tabriz. But Afife catches her and punishes her.

These frightening eyes belong to whom. Sultana are you fine.

Harim Soltan Session 3 Episode 71 | مسلسلات تركية مدبلجة

That the flag of the osman empire is held up high in all countries, and I will put this idea to the Sultan and I am sure that Ibrahim will agree with me. Is it to anger Sultana Khadija, to keep me in front of her. I quit the job when I heard that Ibrahim asked Sultan of his presence, and soon he will arrive you should be prepared. These days were in the past,I am not a slave, the situation has changed long ago. Email required Address never made public.


It is important to find her as Ibrahims requests it, choose one of your man for this mission and he has any news then to return and inform us.

I was really heart broken. You cannot rise higher than that. Look at them, take it as a lesson because in the end you will find yourself hanging at their location.

She dismisses everyone to read the letter by herself. What has become of you Sunbul Agha now seasob as a trustee to Hurrem Sultan.

Nobody is going between me and the Sultan. Rustem said he died by a horse accident so himself was appointed this position.

Sultana Khadija tells Hurrem that this woman must leave the premises!! I will allow her stay until the Sultan returns. But instead you took out all your anger on me and forgave your husband for his actions.

He sends Captain Khedr off to conquer Tunis and open a new osmanic empire. Nigar you have to take your revenge. Iskandr gives the proof to his claims hrim Ibrahim to the Sultan for calling himself Sultan and bearing his own stamp.

Saying the Sultan has found a new love, one who is much younger and more beautiful and there is no one who can do anything about epixode. Hurrem tells her we need to get rid of Khadija, and Kawthar be the one to kill her. She asks Sunbul Agha if the notebooks have been updated and Nigar is standing again in the place of a servant, he eeason.


Harim Soltan Session 3 Episode 71

Who is behind this shield hiding. Nobody should know about Nigar, it would be very bad especially towards Ibrahim Pasha. Tell me how this happened. He turns to Mustache Pasha and asks him about the whereabouts of Tahmasp. It is a cloth you wear before it becomes you. In the spring it will be possible to regain Tabriz. Hurrem can barely stay calm.

Hurrem asks Nigar to leave and allows Afife to enter. Mustapha says it is time that the world is opened to see the glory of the Islamic empire.

It is impossible for you to become Sultan just by wearing this shield. Soltab all Istanbul will know about this topic or we wait upon the return of the Sultan. I did you wrong I know but I was forced.