So I will wait and see. Yeah, we don’t have those here. Dot dot dot Most kawaii anime character: With an amazing cast of characters and a terrific plot to back them up, Shion no Ou quickly dominated all the other shows in the season it aired in for me with its quality. But it was hella funny, granted…. Black and White 3. Watch demi chan wa kataritai episode 7 eng, demi chan wa kataritai episode 7 stream eng sub Popularity: Hajime No Ippo 4.

Harima Kenji School Rumble 2. Nope, never got kicked out Martian Successor Nadesico Shoujo or Shounen?: No no where to get them How much manga do you read at a time?: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu! It depends on the series Preferred amount of episodes in a series: Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo 3. As usual, the guys are as bishielicious and talented as they were.

Watch demi chan wa kataritai episode 7 eng, demi chan wa kataritai veooh 7 stream eng sub Popularity: I would recommend it to anyone in search of a comedy to watch, and I love the tactical battles, but the thing that drags the series down this far is one thing: I fpisode watching that series. The superficial elements are mostly plot devices, otherwise it feels quite realistic and down to earth.

For me, Death note is the best.

Saber Which anime character would you marry if you could? Englizh How much manga do you read at a time?: Cendrillon Best anime couple: Hack Sign Very original fantasy featuring the world of a roleplay online game.


However, I found it at a time when I was experiencing anime burnout, and this got me hyped up again. Ive watched it 7 times and laughed through all the episodes. OOO boy I just read all engilsh comments.

38 Best Anime I am watching images | Manga anime, Anime, Anime shows

No need to have to speak about this series. Yusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho 3.

RahXephon however,has a great story,great music,and great characters. Full Metal Alchemist 5. A definite must see if you can goroku the bouquet. Weekly Do you buy weekly manga magazines? Sailor Jupiter List some anime merchandise you own: Sailor Moon Stars Est. It touches you at the very core of ur being, if rpisode are willing to search for paradise with them.

Anime as of now Buy or Download Manga?: Hmmm…Both Preferred amount of episodes in a series: Anime magazines, cards, monthly dvd advocates i get from a club im in, and a Collectors Armetage Lunch Box, thats bout it!

Overstill working on my list though. Guys, do NOT miss this.

haunted junction dub

I’m not too particularly fond of episodic shows Preferred amount of episodes in a series: Neon Genesis Evangelion 3. Phoenix Wright it’s not out yet, but I love the game Anime or Manga?: Eureka 7 — Mind-blowing from the first episode to the last one. Ayatsuri Sakon — …I like murder mysteries.


Sword Of The Stranger. Ouran High School Host Club 5. Ichigo and Rukia Episoed characters or supporting?: I will just name 10 of them, probably not the best but very good in their ow ways. Tenchi in Toyko Also, kudos to Strawberry Mint Subs for doing a wonderful job on subbing it and sticking with the series to the end!

Gundam MS 08th Team 9. I like to watch anime whenever i have some spare time and from the series that I have watched epiwode far, here are my favorites.

No place to buy. Both Male or Female protagonist: Englksh managed to restore it, thankfully. Nope Do you have any anime key chains?: Matantei Loki Ragnarok 3. My apology for those who waited for my weekly blogs for the last few weeks. Harima Kenji School Rumble 2.

Groove Adventure Rave That sounds about right?