The person who watches the cursed video will be attacked by a giant cockroach. While on their road to the beach, Nagi uses her credit card to buy a carriage for them. Sakuya hopes Nagi can still rely on her. Emi Shinohara as Hinagiku’s mother ep Nagi is playing her fierce video games until Maria instantly unplugs the TV. After Maria tries to convince Klaus to stay, Klaus decides to challenge Hayate to a “serve-the-lady” match to see who is the better butler. Manga Answerman – How often do English manga publishers sell at a loss? Fan Out Sung San Production.

Rebecca Silverman digs in. Marina Inoue as Wataru Tachibana. Rika Takahashi Disc Authoring: The person who watches the cursed video will be attacked by a giant cockroach. Hayate loses to Wataru on purpose, hoping for a romantic conclusion between Wataru and Isumi that will allow Nagi to break off her unwanted engagement. Nick Creamer has the details.

Hayate wakes up Nagi one morning to find a large white tiger sleeping with her in her bed.

Nagi meets Ayumu and comes to the conclusion that tagging along with her will help her learn how to be ‘normal’. North American Anime, Manga Releases: During a flashback, Wataru felt sad that he can’t enter the Hakuou Academy, since there were only three seats available for students who skip grades. You can contribute information to this page, but first you hayzte login or register.

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Hayate is very grateful to Nagi for the party when she tells him that money is not just what keeps them together but wants to be with him for an eternity, and he hugs her in tears eposode joy. Yuko Minaguchi as Yukariko Sanzenin eps Hayate the Combat Butler!


Saki and Hayate helped Wataru how to get on campus, simply by getting through the ripped fence. Fortunately, he managed to turn the power back on, but passes out due to the extreme cold.

The cosplay cafe turns out to be the butler cafe and the trio made Hayate work again as they are playing cards. Dyb Sugiyama Chihiro Ueki.

There, he meets one of his old classmates, Ayumu Nishizawawho has a crush on him. Game Reviews Columns incl. Hayate finds Ayumu’s cellphone and is promptly attacked by Ginka, who wants to take him to the Shimoda onsen as well. Hayate comes to check on them, and Risa tries to force him into doing something shameless to Izumi for the cute and blush research.

Later, Hayate wakes up in bed, Nagi confirms his victory and the two do a formal initiation of master and butler.

Rebecca Silverman digs in. She explains that her father got fired and later died when he failed to assassinate Nagi Sanzenin years ago on Mykonos because a butler Hayate interfered; which happened in Season 1 episode Mikako Takahashi as Ayumu Nishizawa.

A story about Nagi’s father, Shin Hayekis told how he was a thief hoping to gain something worth living, then he met Yukariko; became her butler, and eventually fallen in love with her. A episode second season animated by J. Izumi, Miki, and Risa show up as well, and they help Hayate look for a present. While Hayate is roaming through the haunted house, Robot Eight, who was defeated in episode 3, appears to get revenge. Maria, Sakuya, and Isumi get swept up in the flow and discuss their weaknesses as well.


However, everyone is not having fun and wants to go home, so Yukiji agrees with them, but Schmidt is not willing to let them go. Later at night, Maria is seeing Hayate and Nagi enjoying the fireworks show, until a little flying cockroach landed on her, and she froze in fear for a while.

In order to keep Nagi safe, Hayate resigns as Nagi’s butler and leaves the mansion. Yukiji struggles to tell Hayate the truth.

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After beating up her sister, Hinagiku tells Yukiji seqson take responsibility as an adult. Shelf Life – Fresh Blood Oct 19, Continuing from the last episode, Isumi gets to Nagi’s mansion but Hayate leaves to pick up the tea that he was supposed to get. Hurry Up, Really” Transcription: Ayasaki Hayate’s Mother Mrs.

Mitsuo Iwata as Akane Himegami.

Hinagiku finds them and finds out about Hayate looking for a present for her. After Nagi coaxes some advice out of Wataru under dubious circumstances, Sakuya introduces her new maid Haru to teach Isumi the spirit of a maid. Ayumi Fujimura as Chiharu Harukaze. After seeing the beautiful sight of the city at night, Hinagiku finally realizes that she is in love with Hayate. In order to get her old job back, Yukiji begs Hayate to help her blackmail Shiori. Michiru Yamazaki as Meda Butler ep