Lord Loxley returns to revenge himself on Selfridge. Introducing the Pavlova Moment. Retrieved 22 July Rosalie has her possessions taken and Gordon has to sell the Northern stores through a deal Jimmy Dillon has brokered. Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board. Leclair, who was previously facing accusations of being a spy, is arrested and handed over to the American authorities, leaving Harry to try and help him out. In Season 2, her decision to take in a Belgian refuge, Florian, led to a surprising love affair—which ended in tragedy. Lady Mae searches Lord Loxley’s papers for the proof that will clear Selfridge.

The Party Gets Worse. Selfridge personally pays off the women in the loading bay made surplus by the returning men. The Selfridges and Lady Mae find that the play is a satire with additions to the script by Frank Edwards, bitterly ridiculing them all. On the 20th anniversary Selfridge leaves the store to be met by Mae. Selfridge discovers the painting of his wife and wonders about her relationship with the artist, Roddy. An initial lack of customers forces Harry Selfridge to think of ways of attracting people to his new London department store.

Miss Mardle on hearing of his health returns to see Mr Grove.

This entire sequence is incredibly entertaining — in a dramatic, secondary embarrassment way — and very fun to watch. Selfridge’s consolidation plans are put on hold when he agrees to Jimmy Dillon’s scheme to buy iconic Bayswater store William Whiteley Limited. To catch Kitty’s attackers, her husband has to reveal his involvement with the men, causing a 33 on their marriage.

Harry is sent to Berlin by the German government on a undercover mission, leaving chief of staff Grove and Mr Crabb in finance to run things. He hatches a secret plan with a reluctant Crabb to save the store.


Seriously, is Swan Lake supposed to be some kind of metaphor for this episode or what? Elsewhere, Mr Grove celebrates his birthday in the company of his now year-old daughter Meryl, and store favourite Kitty Edwards is keen to show off her luxurious new abode — while her sister Connie has some exciting news. Miss Mardle receives a Belgian refugee as house guest, a violinist.

Lady Mae leaves Loxley. What has she been up to overseas, and what is ahead for her? Nancy Webb’s plans begin to unravel when she accepts a proposal of marriage from Selfridge. Selfridge’s young son Gordon goes alone to the store, learning he alone will inherit it someday. Mae leaves for Paris.

We first met Agnes Towler when she was hired as an Accessories sales girl, and struggled to be independent from her abusive father. After his wife passed, he shocked everyone with his hasty engagement to shop girl Doris.

Lois Selfridge confronts Princess Marie about her debts. The Dolly sisters become involved in a film project but the backers pull out and Selfridge bankrolls the film with money he had intended to pay off his gambling debts to London gangster D’Ancona. Selfridge and his wife finally confront one another; he flees to his club and a showdown with Ellen Love.

Know Your ‘Victoria’ History: Amanda Abbington as Miss Mardle.

Lady Mae has begun an affair with Victor and he is cold to Agnes; Henri Leclair would like to become her suitor. Ellen is Having a Meltdown.

He’s thrilled when she returns to celebrate the fifth anniversary. Update your email address if you’re an existing subscriber. Kitty and Frank Edwards come to terms with Connie’s news. Selfridge seeks a new store deputy from his staff, placing Miss Mardle and Mr Grove in direct competition.

Sdason says he just needs to leave, and her father gloats at her about having lost her job.


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Doris takes pity on Miss Bunting whose sacking has landed her in poverty. Rose is just overcome by how awesome all this was and thanks her husband for bringing her. Agnes Towler We first met Agnes Towler when she was hired as an Accessories sales girl, and struggled to be independent from her abusive father.

Ellen Love decides to visit Rose to reveal the affair. Accessories head Miss Mardle takes in a Belgian lodger to help the war effort, and things get serious….

Lois, Selfridge’s mother, instigates an investigation into the background of Princess Marie.

Mr Selfridge: You’ll never guess why hunky Gregory was so thrilled to be written off

Miss Mardle is reconciled with Mr Grove and his children. Katherine Kelly as Lady Mae.

Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board. Lord Loxley sells his shares to a mysterious backer intent on owning the store. He observed that there is “so much crisis with so little drama”. Rose disagrees and says she wishes that every woman could have a Pavolova moment. Returning from Germany, Selfridge finds his reputation in tatters and the store losing business.

After his accident Selfridge is annoyed with his son Gordon whom the newspapers report is taking over. Mae meets him there to implore him to make peace with his son Gordon. Man With a Plan. Selfridge agrees to this change, hoping it will reconcile them.