Any time a stunt actor just biffs it. Ikare Itsutsu no Seigi no Hoshi ” Japanese: She was then grabbed by Zolders, who grabbed her by the wrists. Sakura began to have concern. Finish your drink any time they do their finishing move with some athletic equipment. The rockets came out of the Variblume and destroyed each one causing them to fall in the ocean. Yankee, as you know just wants to write this for fun and therefore does not own the series. There’s about 30 episodes left out of about 80 , but they haven’t been subbed.

Any time a cape fl End of the Pirate Mask Part 2. Did Taro tell a riddle in episode 50? Torpedo Attack of Eight Eyes Oct 11 -. She released an Earring Bomb as she went and part of the castle blew up. The day began to set into the night and the search for the Pink Ranger is still at hand. Shine Forever, Five Stars” Transcription: Geki nodded, “Well, we promised Ryo we would continue searching.

Kagami no Naka no Me ” Japanese: Drought Plan of Death Apr 12. The Goranger began their assault.

Episode 14 – Himitsu Sentai Gorenger Sake Sentai Drinkenger podcast

Also, don’t worry, we won’t sentau eating food out of bowls anymore. From Popy, get all these lovely Goranger items for cheap prices at your nearest toy store!


In this bonus content, Just Two Rangers Susi and Monte dig into Zubat and can’t figure out why tokufans are so gaga over it. A Fake Gorenger Appears” Transcription: Gorangeer getting back to the quality spy content that makes Gorenger so good.

They all laughed as they turned around to see more people running away. He summoned the black-leathered creatures to do his bidding. He began to stab Ryo. The Sunring Mask nodded, “Yes, sir!

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Stop the Space Express” Transcription: We are blessed she has arrived to save us from this rather unspectacular season. Kasumi turned around and saw Sakura sighing with relief. Each person blocked and predicted the opponent’s movements. The Pirate Mask couldn’t believe this.

Any time Miss America has a wedgie. Black Cross Castleā€¦ Sakura’s eyes quickly woke up to see where she was. We’ll do it and get it done by tomorrow, hopefully. We don’t sound so terrible anymore! Works of Shotaro Ishinomori. Find out on Himitsu Himiysu Goranger. The Plan to Freeze Earth” Transcription: Join us as we discuss epiode distinction between whiskey and bourbon.

But, I think it’s time that the Goranger Storm should be used.

Next Chapterā€¦ What about this blue fortress that we can not see? This section may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. This article has multiple issues. Blue Shadow Secret Strategy Jun 07. Super Energy of Silver! Fucking Gon bird is back. Unfortunately, Skull Mask DOES get away looking like a dude who knows about earthquakes and for some reason has access to equipment that can cause a Escaping From Ear Hell Jun 21.


Esntai of Residence Jul 12.

Any case, enjoy the next chapter! Put giraffes in the air. Ponder goranegr mystery of why Heda suddenly is a totally different actor. Take it with you. The Roaring Megalopolis” Transcription: But we somehow still managed to talk for 75 minutes.

You know, like if somehow the Hypnotoad was audio-only. A Demonic Cemetery” Transcription: War Bomber Fleet” Transcription: The Protruding Cannon” Transcription: Manji no Torikku Purei ” Japanese: However will the search be successful?

A Straight Line” Transcription: Any time a scarf flaps in the face. Koroshi no Dokuga ” Japanese: