After saving her from a man-eating unicorn, Toru, along with his sister Akari, is hired by Chaika to gather the scattered remains of Arthur Gaz. Dead Apple My Hero Academia: Toru reveals he and Akari grew up in village called Acura where the people trained to become Saboteurs. April 19, [18]. Sep 5, 3: Toru and comrades rescue Julia, for which she and her companions are grateful. March 17, [13]. Eventually, Chaika manages to shorten her spell and defeat Claudia after the latter is distracted by Fredrika in her cat form.

However, her gundo is not powerful enough to break the tower’s shield. Arthur thanks Black Chaika for using Fayla parts in her to resurrect him and kills Stephan with a spell without an incantation much to everyone shock. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Two other manga have also been published: Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Soon, Kiril captures Chaika and Toru. December 18, [10].

July 20, [16]. Both of them chase after her on Clay’s ship where Red Chaika and her group have sneaked in but the ship is sunken by a Kraken. Before Arthur can kill them, Chaika casts a shield to protect Toru and Fredsrika. The trio is soon attacked by Orthrus but is saved by a female knight.

Chaika and Fredrika finally found the secret island but are attack by Dragoons. Soon, Kiril captures Chaika and Toru. The Coffin Princess, Vol. June 23, [28].

Their encounter is interrupted by the appearance of a man-eating unicorn. Meanwhile, Chaika hires the Acura siblings to steal an item from Abarth’s mansion.

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Despite this, Claudia allows Chaika and her companions to stay at her estate. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. This plan is thwarted by the Stratus which rams the Soara, sending both of the fortresses into the lake below.


Episode 10 Episode 9 Episode 8 Episode 7. Even though the villagers killed the bandits responsible, Jasmine’s death deeply affected Toru, and shaped the man he is now.

December 26, [35]. As promised, the Dragoon gives them Arthur’s eyes and decides to follow Toru, Akari and Chaika on their journey in the form of a young girl by the name of Fredrika.

Toru and Chaika escape, Fredrika is impaled and Akari is captured. While foraging for food in the forest, an unemployed saboteur, Toru Acura, encounters Chaika Trabant, a young white-haired wizard who is carrying a coffin.

Toru and comrades rescue Julia, for which she and her companions are grateful. While Red Chaika refuses to believe it, White Chaika, remembering what Layla told her before, falls into despair after finally accepting the truth as Viktor plans to dissect the girls for his experiments.

Meanwhile, Zita, Leonardo and Mattheus rescues one of King Stephan’s advisors who revealed how the King became depressed after the war ended until Black Hogoanime arrived and promises him to bring the war back.

Toru and Akari decide to help Chaika in her quest for which she is thankful. Niva decides to help Chaika, revealing she is in fact a human gundo when she turns into a giant gundo cannon which Chaika uses to destroy the tower, killing Viktor in the process. Pluralitas Concentio Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: March 22, [34]. The Empire’s lands were divided by the alliance, who later formed the Council of Six Nations to bring peace and order to the land.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: May 22, [31]. The organization also includes a number of small field units such as the Gillett Corps and the Campagna Corps whose duty is the capture of bandits and other criminals. Meanwhile, Toru and Chaika have an argument as the latter wants to find the secret island which the former refuses believing it’s too dangerous which leads her to firing Toru.


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It has been adapted into three manga series. In the aftermath, Alberic, now the new chief of the Kleeman Agency, reports to the Council of Six Nations that Arthur’s plans were thwarted, Niva is under their custody and claims all of the Chaikas died.

Retrieved October 29, Toru and both Chaikas escape their captors which both girls decide to join forces to escape the island and rescue the blue haired girl, Niva Lada. Toru reveals he and Akari grew up in village called Acura where the people trained to become Saboteurs. Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile, the Council of Six nations are suspicious of Stephan Hartgen hosting a fighting tournament where the winner gets his remains of Arthur Gaz so they send the Gillett Corps to investigate.

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