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Funimation Now Launches in the U. FUNimation Apr 22, Anime Expo – Keynote Address: Burning Night OAV Pretty sure that SRT from THX is the first hologram-as-person in a film, tho’ he’s not really a hologram anymore once he escapes. Each one weighed only 1, pounds, thus making the jumps easier. Akito the Exiled Cast Sep 15,

Magical Girls Club TV: New online anime store: Summer Wars to Run in Pittsburgh, St. Knigut, just when you think that The Highwayman could not possibly be more perfect, you find out G Gordon Liddy was in the feature-length pilot.

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Route 66 — Together they fight crime in a Corvette. No staying on land for the bad guys there, nosiree.

Automan The idea was simple: Then came the Renaissance explosion of scientific discovery and humanist insight and, as both cause and effect, the rise of individual self-consciousness My Buck Rogers kindertrauma moment was apparently in the pilot, when he’s back on Earth in the 25th century and there’s a scene set in the ruins of old Chicago, with radioactive mutants chasing him, or something like that.


Fruits Basket in ! That only lasted a few episodes but I remember digging it.

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The people doing the show must have been aware of how silly they looked. January Jan 8, DistributorInternet Streaming Tsubasa: Kamikazecon Mar 27, Cowboy Bebop Movie’s U.


I guess it’s because so many of their voices are ringing vibrantly in my ears – Chaucer’s, Boccaccio’s, Henry Knighton’s, Thomas Walsingham’s. Robot Hunter Video Anime Mar 12, Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band hundreds of times or fantasized about being in a sequel to Starhops.

Anime Central – Funimation Industry panel May 21, August Aug episods, November Nov 16, September Sep 17, This is the inspiration for Heat Vision and Jack.

And I’m sick to death of that ridiculous assumption that that before the Renaissance human beings had no sense of individuality.