Those four dodecahedrons are designed to generate sound in all directions, filling in the gaps to create a realistic degree soundstage. Conveniently, a USB keyboard can also be connected directly to the LX01, useful in renaming titles and tracks. Firstly Bose has trademarked the word ‘Lifestyle’ so it has the right to be officially called a Lifestyle system. Yes it is spacious and enveloping, but it isn’t as cohesive as it could be. It follows on from the LX01 system we enjoyed testing a year ago: Dialogue is a little less focused than ideal, but tweaking the centre level pulls speech up to give tighter enunciation and better projection. The final dialogue is focused while the pacey beat that precedes the titles thumps away with serious room-shaking intensity and speed.

Conventional speakers generate directional sound, whereas these three-dimensional speakers generate sound fields in all directions. Moving the rear speakers to the front is a surreal feat, not least because it gave me a fit of the giggles. The Dark Knight ‘s moody conclusion draws to a close with captivating intensity and plenty of emotion. Summing up Pioneer’s LX01 is easy: While the four satellites are actually best arranged in a surrounding square the fronts producing a phantom centre , all four can also be placed up front. Why buy lots of different kit that may or may not work well together, and that will almost certainly clutter up every corner of your living room, when you could pick up a one-make system to do the same thing? So, plug in a suitable HD source — such as Pioneer’s own BDP-LX70A Blu-ray deck — and you’ll be treated to surround audio far superior to anything else previously unleashed on the all-in-one-box market.

Our Verdict A great Blu-ray system which oozes style. Wind up the volume and there is something disjointed about the overall soundfield, presumably due to the drivers firing hme differing directions. Against Sound badly lacks focus and punch not much midrange to speak of not cheap.

For Lovely picture performance excellent specification very convenient, stylish and easy to accommodate. But wait — there’s much more.

In ppioneer respect the LXBD comprehensively outclasses its closet rival, Bose’s identically-priced Lifestyle V30 system, in almost every respect. Pioneer’s LX01 home cinema will be released in October. Speakers connect to the sub cabinet with colour-coded push-fit plugs; if you have an iPod there is a docking cable supplied.

What’s more, the separate, compact display has an IR receiver built-in. Pioneer LX01 has a stunning specification Amplification is in the sub, which boasts two downward-firing drivers and a claimed w homw power.


CES Best Of: The appeal of home cinema in a box systems is easy to define. Summing up Pioneer’s LX01 is easy: This means you can hide away the subwoofer to a degree and Blu-ray elements of the system if you wish.

A great Blu-ray system which oozes style. The system also has an extended Music Library feature – you’ll be able to use the LX01 to store your favourite tracks and albums on the hard disk.

Strong spec, average stereo Of course, these qualities don’t lend themselves well to CD reproduction either. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense home entertainment system loaded with all the nifty features you’ve ever dreamed of and something on the side, then the Pioneer LX01BD is definitely the tool for you.

Secondly, own a V30 and all your friends will say ‘Ooooohhhhh, Bose’ and think you are cooler cinnema a polar bear’s ice lolly.

That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to create an email address for you to help us a little in finding gadgets we missed. Add to this Pioneer’s excellent MCACC Room EQ and auto-set-up, complete with microphone, and the wicked touch-screen remote control, and you’ve got a system packed with style. Physical Characteristics Rear Speaker Depth It’s no slouch on the sound front either.

A slick-looking remote display handles all you IR interfaces, flashes lights at you at the relevant points and has a blue dot-matrix display to let you know what’s going on.

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Physical Characteristics Center Speaker Depth Dialogue is a little less focused than ideal, but hoje the centre level pulls speech up to give tighter enunciation and better projection. Which probably means I can only say that Pioneer’s is a system designed for a life full of style. Movie sound, meanwhile, is superbly well integrated: The picture is typical of Pioneer’s latest crop — that’s to say, stunning.

Makes me chuckle every time, but now I’m not so sure, as the Ccinema arrangement actually works — sort of. So, plug in a suitable HD source — such as Pioneer’s own BDP-LX70A Blu-ray deck — and you’ll be treated to surround audio far superior to anything else previously unleashed on the all-in-one-box market.

The LX01’s subwoofer-receiver has dual-drive bass drivers, which are designed to enable more powerful handling of lower frequencies.

The thing is, although the system does create quite an expansive sound, everything’s quite recessed in the midrange, so voices in particular lack focus.

For Exceptional performance and flexibility brilliant usability appealing design. In other ways, the LX01BD is extremely impressive. Switching piooneer to the helicopter scenes showed the limitations of the system — the movement being an ambient effect rather than a precise location-based one — but the overall balance and punch remains pleasantly potent.


Sophisticated system The LXBD won’t give you high-end home cinema thrills, but I just can’t deny it does what it aims to do rather well. Diving into the menus, I took 5dB from the sub level to regain a sensible neighbour-friendly balance before continuing the film.

The surround sound effect is vague and the result is very dependent on the pioneerr position of side walls and heavy furnishings, but it has got a peculiarly solid feel, far wider and more entertaining than the simple stereo you’ll get from your TV’s own speakers.

Super Pioneer LX01 home cinema to launch Oct

Positioning close to a wall, perhaps on the rather swish supplied brackets, firms up the soundstage admirably. Against Speaker position takes work No networking.

At the heart of the Pioneer LX01BD you’ll get a top-drawer BluRay disc player with native p resolution and supporting HDMI Deep Colour, delivering 24 FPS video, cknema like the director of the movie intended; add in the progressive scan and the digital noise reduction and you’ll get a system worthy of all the praises.

Our Verdict Hoke hope it would deliver more, but at this price and given how the market cinemma moved on it’s not rounded enough for us. It’s time to welcome the newest and possibly the hottest release from the world-renowned manufacturer Pioneer, in the body of the LX01BD home cinema system, a piece of audio technology that boasts extremely refined looks and more functionality than one would normally expect from a theater-in-a-box unit.

Pioneer LX01BD review

With the LX01, we’ve combined the best in technology with the best in design, to deliver a solution that looks like one, coherent piece,” says Philippe Coppens, manager of technology at Pioneer Europe. Pkoneer the LX01 plays the stylish card with only the barest hint of a compromise. Blacks are inky dark with masses of shadow detail and the colour range will stretch all but the best display devices.