I bet they’ll get this one in sooner or later. After some speculah the most common reason we thought of was that Hoshi no Samidare was the first manga that brought us the same strong, building and emotional experience that we felt while watching FLCL. Heck, even explaining its name is a mouthful. I really wish it would gain an anime, but I agree that the probability of that happening is extremely low. But I don’t see why a soundtrack by them would be absolutely necessary. There is still hope The fights could be so cool in an anime.

Interesting, and I like the art as well. June 11, at 9: There will be tears. And even though most people are screaming for Trigger to animate it I could see JC Staff doing a great job as well. The fights could be so cool in an anime. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

In case I want to re-read it. The above post about one of Togashi’s earlier works getting adapted gave me hope: Without spoiling the beginning hooshi the manga I know.

Will this ever get an anime adaptation?

This makes for some very poetic moments in the manga that almost make you want to squee at the genius of it. Togashi’s Level E got an adaption over a decade later after the finishing chapter was published. There will be tears.

To find out more, including how to control dramq, see here: To paraphrase the synopsis, a college student wakes up to find a talking lizard on his bed.


Since its completed and there aren’t even any rumors about it being made into an anime is it safe to assume that it won’t ever? I haven’t read the earlier chapters in a while, so I don’t know what your talking about. There is samixare hope indeed, you never know, maybe after Trigger is done animating Kill la Kill, and they make a lot of money out of it, it’s possible that their next project might be this.

It would be such a shame for this not to happen.

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Regardless, their motivations are further elaborated upon as the story progresses. Mizukami is obviously a huge Pillows fan.

There are 8 volumes out. Interesting, and I like the art as well.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: From what i understood from Transfade the next chapter should arrive soon so keep checking: Stacy Jensen on Psycho-Pass But who’s to say some younger studio would get it?

I think it was being planned at one point by Gainax and got caught up in the whole split. And they’d cost quite a bit to do the OST. Will this ever get an anime adaptation? Ambivalenceor is it ambiguity? My dream won’t zamidare, I really hope this gets erama proper anime adaptation one day.

Heck, even samidate its name is a mouthful. Seriously, your emotions can range from laughter to excitement to manly tears during the course of a single chapter.


And then there’s the fact the music would have to be by the Pillows. I thought there was a missing bubble but in the translation a single line should have been split into two. If you plan on using download links on your site or forum you should use my links. I wrote this in the credits as well.

Frama site uses cookies. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Someone even wanted to write a letter to GAINAX and at that time I thought this might be a good idea, because, I believed, it is the only studio that might be able to pull this off. Anyway, thanks again to Transfade for another great translation.

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Mimike on Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: These days, people are dredging up a lot of old manga and VNs to adapt like mirai nikki and the likes. Cog in the Mac…. I agree with the majority for Gainax since they’re the ones with a slew of over the top stuff. And we all know how Gainax is nearly dead. Samivare and comments feeds. I, really, really, hate tilted page.