Andrews confiscates Patricia’s phone and find out that she is in contact with Rufus Zeno — a man known to the teachers as “The Betrayer”. Mick prepares to leave for good. Meanwhile, Fabian’s attempt to read Nina his poem fails, and Nina has another terrifying dream. The gang manages to read a secret message hidden in the dictionary which gives them their next clue. During the tournament, KT leaves hoping to find a better way into the secret room. Nina hears Senkhara calling and follows her down to the tunnels. A riddle in the next task hints that it is the final chamber before they reach the Mask. KT goes to the Gatehouse looking for answers but may get more than she hoped for

Mara, Jerome, and Joy help find the cast members. Sweet announces a trip to an Egyptian Museum and Mara as their valedictorian. All of the Anubis house has fleas. Patricia has bad dreams about Rufus and pictures everyone in her class with his face. Meanwhile, Jason finds Joy’s broken mobile phone at the school bins; he searches for more clues but finds nothing. Fabian decides to keep the mark a secret from Nina. Mara finds tickets to Australia in Mick’s locker and believes that Mick will break up with her and leave. Amber is temporarily blinded by a strange beacon that is apparently a trap.

House Of Anubis – Season 2

Thanks to Sarah’s communication through the dollhouse, Sibuna figures out the correct sequence to safely cross the deadly hopscotch. There, Eddie and KT find a stained glass window with hieroglyphics on it and figure out that the statue under it is where the artifact is hidden. At the museum, Alfie and Willow discuss college but Willow isn’t as excited as Alfie.

Mara and Willow plan to perform in the open day by reciting a poem or song, both hinting it’s for Jerome. Seasln meets with Dr.

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Fabian responds by telling no one will believe Alfie and he can convince them Alfie got it wrong because Alfie always gets it wrong. When they get to the meeting place, they witness Victor kidnapping an apparently unconscious Rufus, which makes them suspicious.


Senkhara is getting upset that Joy and Fabian had chosen to save Nina and her friends instead of the key to the mask. Alfie is hohse when Jerome makes him ping pong coach. When Nina and Fabian are eeason the cellar, Nina tries to discuss with Fabian how Amber keeps saying they were best friends before and still are, instead of being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Mara talks to Patricia in the girls’ bathroom about her liking Mick, and unknowingly to the sfason of them, Amber hears the whole thing — eventually being fed up. Joy boosts her confidence with a brand new look. Continuing from where it left off, KT opens the capsule and find a map and a riddle. Nina and Fabian sneak back into the attic to listen to the cylinders, but it makes a loud screeching sound and they have to abandon their plans.

After Rufus drinks from it, gouse puts it in the fire and leaves. Victor is beginning to wonder if the kids were right about Vera and he makes a shocking discovery in her room. But their plan fails spisode there’s trouble in store for Alfie, and Victor Jerome poses as Alfie’s savior after his failed cellar mission by reopening the sarcophagus. Jerome decides to hire a private investigator to find his father behind Poppy’s back.

Fabian explains his epiphany and tells them they need to wait until night, they agree but are unsure of how to do it. Piper as Patricia acts kind to Alfie, since she has a crush on him, making Alfie fall in love with Weason not knowing that it’s really Piper.

Becoming a member will allow you to use all site’s features and receiving notifications on new updates. First appearance of Freddie Boath as Ben Reed. Bobby Lockwood 3 and Tasie Dhanraj 3. Eddie ask Harriet Denby to escape with him but she refuses.


Her and Victor used a fake test to test their personalities. Harriet and Eddie hide as the others, KT and Willow try to take the key off of her.

Everyone turns back to normal and don’t remember anything. Jerome is tricked into being selected for a singing competition.

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Meanwhile, Jerome hacks Jasper’s computer and proof that he is working for the Collector and then he finds a coded call for help from Trudy. Patricia’s mocking causes Eddie to plan an epic prank on Mr. Amber finds a dollhouse that is an exact replica of Anubis House.

The Sibunas find their third reflector in the library, but Fabian now knows Jasper has been lying to him. There, they find the next clue — a key.

They trick them with the “pigeon poop”. Victor tries to find out how much Nina knows, but she gives nothing away. The next day Alfie hyperventilates while trying to remember what 887-90, and Nina accidentally gives him the elixir from the cellar to drink.

Sweet coming back to his office. Patricia meets her “ghost” again in the woods; however, this time they talk and he informs her that he is a private investigator by the name of Dr. Senkhara tells Nina that she has done well but she must not disobey her.