In a demonstration of his new powers, the king detects and captures Knuckle and Meleoron before returning to the palace in a few seconds, while Palm and Ikalgo flee to the underground, taking Komugi with them. Zebro eventually explains that each door of the gate weights two tons, the minimum amount of strength required for opening just one door. Fall TV Madhouse. June 4, [a]. Face to face with Pitou, Gon can’t hold back his rage and urges the Chimera Ant to fight him. The king bypasses Netero’s defenses and tears up an arm and a leg from his body. Having won the match, the king finally learns from Netero his true name – Meruem, just before Netero commits suicide to trigger a weapon of mass destruction stored inside his body in a last attempt to destroy him. However, they’re blocked by a massive “Testing Gate.

East Gorteau and the NGL fall into turmoil after the fall of the Chimera Ants and the Hunter Association starts making preparations to decide who will succeed Netero as its president. Neon escapes to enter the auction with Chrollo ‘s help who later steals her fortune telling ability. After Gon pawned his hunter licence for some seed money, he and Killua go to the outside auction market so they may find some hidden treasures to bid on in to raise money. However, they’re blocked by a massive “Testing Gate. News about the Chimera Ants threat reach the Hunter Association and an expedition is assembled to exterminate them. CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles containing Japanese-language text. Meanwhile, Illumi uses his needles to take control of several people to assist on his plans and when news of it come to the Association, a team of Hunters is assembled to bring him to justice, while some of them decide to take advantage of it in order to win the election.

In the occasion, Welfin regains some of his lost memories from when he was still human and 18 him a hint regarding Palm’s location. Meanwhile, the team suspects Majitani’s real condition.

Hunter x Hunter

Gon and Killua’s aura nodes finally open thanks to Wing’s help. Hunter x Hunter — Gon and Killua grab some information about the memory card from the item box. Killua threatens his life and Sadaso never shows up to their fight, causing him to lose by default, and giving Killua his first win in the battle of the Edit Did You Know? Binolt all attacks Biscuit, hynter easily defeats him.

However, they’re blocked by eplsode massive “Testing Gate.

He uses Back to return, but Hisoka is also injured and the situation looks grim. Killua reveals to Gon that Wing was lying all along as his teachings don’t explain Zushi’s extreme resilience he noticed while fighting him.


The selection is at hand, but the king starts isolating himself from his servants, including the Royal Guard. Gon finally pulls through as Team Genthru is defeated. Tonpaa regular participant who claims to have tried and failed 35 times in the exam, secretly goes about trying to fail all the rookie examinees by giving them drinks mixed with laxatives.

Killua gets a lead from his brother about the game which is going to be presented in the auction, which will be held in Yorknew City. Killua then fights Gittarackurwho is revealed to be Killua’s brother Illumi following his facial transformation from the previous phase of the exam.

Gon then tells Neteros then he has finally managed to get him to use his right hand once, which Gon counts as a great achievement. The old man realizes that Gon will crack his skull if he continues with his headbutt, so he uses his right hand to push Gon away from him.

East Gorteau and the NGL fall into turmoil after the fall of the Chimera Ants and the Hunter Association starts making preparations to decide who will succeed Netero as its president.

Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja, struggles as he searches for recognition and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the village’s leader and strongest ninja.

After winning the game and reuniting with Killua, Gon now looks ahead to his next objective.

Biscuit tells them that they are going exactly straight to Masadora but hhnter time, they have to dig through the rocks, whilst doing so they discover another part of Ten, Shu. Kurapika wants to kill the Phantom Troupe, the group who massacred his clan for their precious scarlet eyes, which manifest when the Kurta experience intense emotion. Gon is able to use his fishing rod to snatch Hisoka’s tag right when Hisoka attacks his target.

Claiming that he intends to rescue her, Pouf convinces her to resist against Killua to give him an opening to kill her instead, but Killua realizes this and successfully protects her from him.

Hunter x Hunter () (Hunter x Hunter) –

After hearing Biscuit’s lecture on rock-paper-scissors, Gon decides to work on a special technique modeled on rock-paper-scissors by using Enhancer, Emitter, and Transmuter abilities. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The Hunters assault on the royal palace begins.

Gon Freecss aspires to become a Hunter, an exceptional being capable of greatness. Yorkshin City Kanketsu-henHunter x Hunter: What Makes an Antihero Work.


One Piece Episodes English Dubbed

The fight between Gon and Hisoka begins, with Hisoka dealing the first punch. October 3 – 9 Anime Releases Danganronpa 3: However, there are 5 watches and they cannot proceed without a fifth member. Retrieved October 2, The rule is that if you kill your opponent, you’ll be disqualified.

Despite losing both arms, Hisoka is confident and performs magic tricks, appearing to reattach one arm. Although Mito is reluctant to let Gon leave his home, she relents after seeing his determination to understand why his father left and what his interest of becoming a Hunter was. Gon and Killua find it too hard to pass up, but discovers that with Netero’s skills, they are unable to grab the ball. Far away from the palace, Netero prepares himself to confront the king, who much to his surprise, recognizes his value as a fighter and is not willing to kill him.

As the Chimera Ants are reunited to unlock the power of Nen into their bodies, Neferpitou senses Kite approaching and leaves to confront him. Part of the chairman’s backstory is explained in yunter process. Killua wins and gets elisode 83 Card.

Meanwhile, Pouf learns the situation from Pitou and sneaks past Gon’s vigilance to rejoin Youpi as they leave the palace to search for the king. She has a message from the boss of the Phantom Troupe.

One Piece Episodes English Dubbed

Hisokaa magician who attempted to kill an examiner in his previous attempt at the exam, is introduced. Wing advises them to train with Zushi and start mastering Ten but Killua suggests that they should leave. Gon animgeet Kite who claims that there is nothing to apologize for, as only he was at fault for what happened to him. Zebro eventually explains that each door of the gate weights two tons, the minimum amount of strength required for opening hhunter one door.

That is when Leorio insists on heading in alone. Gon and Killua are captives of the spiders. They go to the city of Masadora and got some cards but told them to go back abimeget the rocky area again.

Meanwhile, Gon’s date with Palm turns to the worse when he claims that he can’t stay by her side.