Taxis are numerous and it’s usually not hard to flag one down anywhere in the city centre from early morning until about 1: If you want to be sure that your cyclo driver is not one of these guys, ask him to take a photo with you showing his face, if he refuses, he is also engaged in this scam. The restaurant cafe deciBel Lounge is a place where you can find monthly art exhibition, a nice range of Mediterranean food and Vietnamese breakfast and lunch set menu. The motorbike riders are actually exceptionally good and will simply move to avoid you – just don’t make any sudden lurches forwards, backwards, or stop for that matter. And when they are not used, they may be stacked together and stored in the toilet. If the good selection of knock-offs here just won’t do, there’s plenty to be had in the surrounding side street shops or night market later. There are two Citibank ATMs near the currency exchange booths.

Beer from 20, dong. You will not be required to present a driving license. Certified halal, serves halal food on 2nd floor. Taxi models in service are mostly Toyota Vios sedans up to four passengers and Toyota Innova minivans up to six passengers , which are assembled in Vietnam and inexpensive to buy. Although the chairs lie mostly flat, they are very narrow and the bus ride quite bumpy so it is very difficult to actually get any sleep. The traffic is intense and has its own rhythms and logic.

Read up on Vietnamese history first or you’ll have no idea what you’re looking at. Lock up everything that is more or less valuable. If you tell them you will do it yourself, the bus MAY drive off and you will have to walk or take a motorbike obviously paying to the restaurant where they are stopped further down the road from the border. The Little Builder’s Bag is the perfect gift.

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Get to know your notes. Wrapped Vietnamese fusion food in a modern minimalist setting. Ho Chi Minh City has a unique traffic pattern in which cars and buses drive in the centre lanes on two-way streets, or the left lanes on one-way streets, while the outside or right lanes are reserved for motorcycles.


Regional operator Grab Taxi has a free app to download. Mostly local Vietnamese and expats as it is out of the tourist area. Just exercise caution; if it is too good to be true it probably is. Mien Dong Bus Station.

Dust of Life It is no longer necessary for most passengers to fill in any immigration or customs yk cards. Cities like Ho Chi Minh have several one way streets, and it is too easy to just steer into them unknowingly as there are limited signs warning you. Some taxi drivers have been known to trick visitors into staying at hotels which they recommend by informing them that the hotels the visitors have asked to be taken to have “no vacancies” due to some big event in town or have “burned down recently”.

Their “happy menus” thalis – available all day – are 5 item onnline that weigh in at 25, dong vegetarian or wqtch, dong for the chicken option. A person will strike up a friendly conversation claiming they’ve either seen you at the airport or some other tourist place where they work.

See the information on the domestic terminal below.

If you do not have a horn, you can still scream or just smile around as you look to your destination, pretending to ignore everything which crosses your way Eventually he will try to get you back to his house for dinner where he’ll try to involve you in a poker game that you will LOSE and be coerced into paying back. They’re also not adverse to a bear hug if you’re really struggling to hold on to the motorbike.

A ride on a cyclo, which is sort of hyu to a reverse tricycle with the passenger sitting in a front seat, through downtown HCMC is a great way to see the city the way the locals do.


The Untold Story You can rent your own motorbike in many places, especially around the backpacker area Pham Ngu Lao in District 1. Prey Nokor had been the Khmer’s most important sea port, and its loss isolated them from international commerce on the South China Sea.

Reports are that you can catch the bus from the main bus terminal in Ho Chi Minh, but most hotels will tell you that’s not diyen and insist on a private k. Be sure to try, aside from pho, dishes such as the above-mentioned Hue beef soup, or “banh xeo”. Taxi rates are not regulated by the city government, so each company sets its own fare structure which changes from time to time. Gelato ice cream for less than 16, dong a scoop.

Visiting the local electronics district is another sight, where anything and everything is repaired, and nothing wasted. Edit Storyline A rich woman faces her enemy to save her daughter. Vietnamese propaganda posters can be aatch impressive and offer a taste of history.

Espresso, cappuccino, and American-style filter coffee are now also widely available in the tourist district, usually at times the price of the local style. Do not assume that all Vietnamese think alike, as many Southerners are still bitter about having lost to the North.

Ho Chi Minh City

Just be firm and confident. Just keep saying “paid with voucher” each time the driver insists. A small space and very cheap place for Pho and Bo Kho.