I5 4670K VS FX 8350 WATCH DOGS

Z87 is also better than FX. Look at the original question. See market share leaders. While the FX will have worse performance in many games, it will still provide playable performance. I’m not into profiting intel! Intel Core i5 K. What is multi core mixed speed?

Older games who cares. Hey guys so i cant decide weather i want to go with the k or to go along with my radeon The i5 is more consistent across games. What is a CPU? It allows for the asus crosshair formula mobo. Slightly faster turbo frequency. The fx might be faster there. Core i5 K 5.

I’m just on an i7 3. Much faster OC single-core speed. What is single core floating point speed?

I went with a over FX purely for a silent and power efficient PC. What is the GeekBench score? Logan vs Pistol rig video, they did some render test in the beginning, K vs FX, K offcours is better, cause it can do more tasks at the same time, but the FX, did realy a good showing up there.

I’d go fx if you love to push your overclock. Slightly faster multi-core fp speed. Start a New Discussion.


Intel Core i5 K vs AMD FX

Intel is better at the moment but on a budget wins by far. Much faster single-core int speed. Amd Fx vs i5 k Hardware. Systems with these CPUs. Or get better hardware. Best value for money – Value for money is based on real world performance.

I know the question has been asked before but it is usually asked about stock speeds not 4. Much faster effective speed. Adobe stuff will be faster on the Intel, but not like the major increase you’ll get in Vegas.

FX Can Run PC Game System Requirements

Screen glitches when watching videos on pc Started by Oversizedmoose Jan 5, Replies: Well, personally i’ll be waiting for devil’s canyon to drop and seeing how that does.

Thank you all for your replies!

The i7, or the i5, would be better in many others. Which cooler is better for overclocking ik? Screen glitches when i55 videos on pc.

Otherwise, I’m setting the benchmark for this game at an i Dell XPS with a shiny new GTX and all settings on ultra, including the computer set on high performance and get 60 fps with no sweat.


i5 4670k or fx 8350 ( bf4, watch dogs, future games…)

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Older games who cares. No one says the isn’t good, its just simple basic computing, 8 cores win over 4 in high tasking! When it is time for a replacement, i ll buy an entirely new pc. Slightly faster multi-core int speed.

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Would you rather good performance in every single game or good performance in some games and terrible performance in others? Core i5 K 6. It will all depend on what you’re going to do with your computer.