The proof presented consists of documents, audiovisual materials, statements of witnesses and other recognized legale means. We aim to do so by situating the man, his research practices and his ideas in his transnational biographies, his sites of research, and his scholarly and institutional connections across regime changes, War and Decolonization in Asia, Europe, and the United States. But then as it began to turn into that entity with one regional identity, Southeast Asia was again dramatically divided. Unwilling to abandon their traditions and their connections to historic Champa, Cham modernizers have resolved to protect their heritage by adopt- ing the practices, techniques, and habits of modern people as exhibited by the Khmer state and foreign non-Muslims. Adat Claims in Conflict-Stricken Bulukumba Willem van der Muur Leiden University This paper examines the trajectories of two land disputes in Indonesia involving collective claims to customary land. At the traf- fic light, she idles next to me for a short while and then moves on to the next potential client. Yet Western educational policies and practices were not pervasive in Southeast Asia. From the agricultural American West to American factories on for- mer U.

The transformation of East Asian regionalism into regional integration is through a long-term incremental process which may not be seen clearly without undisputed leadership. The food is inappropriate and your safety is not guaranteed. Through examination of these aspects, the characteristics of the constitutionalism in Myanmar will be presented. But the Bugis were also renowned as fierce warriors and brought their own political traditions with them overseas. The subject of the communist insurgency gets even more complicated when the rhetoric is adopted by the soft authoritarian regimes of Singapore and Malaysia in the name of nation-building. The freshly painted and by all accounts palatial house under which we sought shade that afternoon stood as a testament to this newfound wealth. This district was the subject of intensive study by a team of researchers as part of a broader project the author was helping to coordinate.

To boost such a episod study of clientelistic politics, this study has combined ethnographic fieldwork on election campaigns with an expert survey executed among journalists, academics, ngo activists and campaigners in 37 districts in 16 Indonesian provinces.

In the end, the Tribunal collectively stepped down and had to be re-staffed.

Was this a farming family? The speculative activity drove prices upwards indrawing sharp criticism from municipal authorities. Although the students knew the Cham writing system, they worked slowly, sounding out each syllable until the sound in their head matched a word that they knew.

Maritime people were neither newcomers nor foreigners, nor were they peripheral. Nguyen Quoc-Thanh Irasia Marchthe United States published their 21st Seapower Strategy in which they reaffirmed their will to collabo- rate with countries with whom they share some strategic interests and that include Vietnam. Indeed, what we have found over the time that we have been engaged in this project is that a discussion of a figure tends to provoke people to think about related figures in other places or times.


Traditional allies and potential new partners of the US in Southeast Asia perceive their respective security links inter alia as a leverage to counterbalance the rise of China while having cooperative eco- nomic relationships with it. Skip to main content.

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The segmentation in decrees and the Consti- tution abstract character allowed for a wide interpretation among the different sectors of colonial Philippine society, and each sector responded to it according to its possibilities and interests. Log In Sign Up. Her cyberself often blurs with the self of her origins, but her origins always prove a dramatic challenge to the dreams she hopes to achieve.

MD Entertainment, Indonesia Such entanglements are obviously present elsewhere in Southeast Asia, although perhaps not to such a widespread and normalized degree. And what was the impact of what we might now call a regionalist view, on the field of Indo- nesian Studies, that developed, along his post- colonial scholarly networks in various parts of the world, in the first two decades after World War II? Regardless of what they actually do, they remain outside the authenticity beetawi cast by cultural workers.

He emerges from a rehearsal room door at Cambodia Living Arts, a tiny but illuminating figure attired in graceful white silk, aided by an assistant and smiling generously.

How much empathy did Alan display? The judges produce a verdict based on the material presented and call upon the Government of Indonesia to realize that so far they have failed to take legal and moral responsibility for the victims.

In this volume, therefore, what emerges from the discussion of figures is a wide array of grounds—technological, economic, political, religious, social—that help to shed light on episodw ongoing figuration process in contemporary Southeast Asia.

Although constrained by the lack of any means of absolute dating and reliant on a com- parative methodology that was largely art historical rather than technological in content, Heine-Geldern neverthe- less argued that the Southeast Asian bronze tradition was clearly separate from that of northern China and had been introduced independently from Central Asia during the first millennium CE.

And yet it could be argued that this state offers a distorted reflection of what anthropologist Victor Turner called communitas—a synchronized, collective experience that brings home the commonality of shared human or social existence to its subjects.

book of abstracts 8th EuroSEAS Conference Vienna, 11–14 August | Luzile Satur –

Jankowiak Wroclaw University of Economics Uundoubtedly, natural disasters are changing the face of social and economic development of countries in which they occur.


This panel explores the phenomenon of knowledge transfer, innovations, and its dispersion in South East Asia, a region that experienced a variety of colonialisms, and in the case of one polity went uncolonized, and was therefore subject to different patterns of knowledge transfer. Here the prime minister, his op- ponents, and his critics agree on at least one vetawi for ahak current state of affairs: By following through these chains of associations, we gain access to other places and other social worlds.

Social media, in this case Facebook, facilitate new, less formal forms of civic engagement.

It distinguishes parties where the whole apparatus is dominated by one person, parties with a strong personalization, but with a marked separation of executive and e;isode branches, and weakly presidentialized parties. In terms of research epiaode used, this study employs bibliographic research strategy.

By depicting more than eighty different figures, however, we have dramatically expanded the scope of the ethnographic proj- ect and created a veritable panorama of the landscape of Southeast Asian modernity.

These adults represent a particular figure of modernity in Vietnamese so- ciety whose once-significant role in socialist nation-building unexpectedly shifted with the collapse of the Soviet Union. This paper explores the bureaucracy surrounding admission to, and release from, institutions designated for the treatment of psychiatric illness — and the spaces in which this treatment episide place in British Burma and French Indochina.

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But a closer look at the material i. In the process, however, his views changed. School ter Opleiding van Inlandsche Artsen; School for the Education of Native Physicians had expanded several times and prepared its pupils for medical practice adequately.

This panel will explore constitutional politics in Southeast Asia, where countries of different levels of democratization and vari- ous political regimes have instituted constitutional courts.

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In2 days after the Japanese army capitulated, the Republic of Indonesia declared its independence 17 August In total, this book brings together more than eighty scholars from a range of academic disciplines.

In upholding such arguments, this paper underscores the explanatory power of examining the interactions between ideas and material interests in the study of international politics. In the meantime, the research takes a close look at the dialectical image created by the convergence of the past and the present in the still anxk of the archival photos and the montages of private correspondences and clips of news reportage juxtaposed with haptic and optical visuality embodied by the long takes employed in portraying those interviewees.