The girls try to get them meet again to resolve their lingering feelings. The girls also renew their search for mew aqua, however when the aliens appear, Zakuro refuses to transform. That night while he’s asleep, she decides to kiss him, but accidentally kisses his dog instead. When Ryou and Keiichiro discover that mew aqua is most likely to be found underground, Ichigo cancels a date with Masaya to search for it. Something strange begins happening and everyone transforms. Iruka jumps in to save him, and Mew Lettuce follows to rescue them both. Afterwards, Kanna admits she has always envied Minto. She later learns that Rei is Keiichiro’s ex-girlfriend, and the intended recipient of the cake.

After its defeat, Zakuro agrees to be a part of the team. Pie and Tart force the Blue Knight to kill Ichigo. The other Mew Mews teleport to Mew Ichigo just in time to put up a shield around her as the rock explodes from the Blue Knight’s power. The Mew Mews fight for the stone but are having a hard time with the chimera anima Quiche is using until they are helped by the Blue Knight. Masha detects a chimera anima just before they are attacked by one created by Tart. The girls use Mary’s Maria’s music to weaken the monster, enabling the girls to defeat it and return her spirit back to her body.

The Mew Mews defeat the monster and restore Masazou’s spirit. The girls decide to confront Zakuro about her behavior. The Mew Mews are able to reduce the power of the explosion, however no one had noticed Masaya was nearby. Her body begins to glow and she breaks free, destroying the monster. While taking her home, he apologizes to her though does not say why. Mew Mew Power, Volume 1″. Instead, they find Retasu who was afraid of being isolated because of her new powers and started “haunting” the pool.

Ichigo rejects Quiche and he leaves. Quiche tells her that he will let Masaya go if Ichigo becomes his, but Ichigo refuses and instead dives into the slime and grabs Masaya’s hand. As Christmas approaches, Ichigo grows depressed as she thinks about how she is regularly lying to Masaya to hide her being a Mew Mew.


Masazou tries to stop the construction workers, claiming that the work has scared away the local otters and is destroying their habitat. They suddenly return to their normal forms as the base begins to fall apart. While going home, Ichigo meets Minto Aizawa and her dog. Masaya senses that Ichigo is danger and comes to her rescue.

The Mew Mews find something that appears to be a large mew aqua in a tree but before they epieode it, Tart arrives and turns the tree into a chimera anima. Deep Blue begins screaming and releasing tremendous amounts of energy. Ichigo gives him the necklace.

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Ichigo no Egao o Mamoru Mono ” Japanese: They were warm, not like I expected, But amazing just kizshu same. As they try to figure out how to find the swan, all of the birds in the area gather near, realizing Minto can understand anc. On her way to meet him, she is attacked by Quiche who knocks away her transformation pendant. All of the strange energy in the city gathers around him and he transforms again, into Deep Blue. After Quiche injures him, Masaya begins glowing and transforms into the Blue Knight, however with the injury he is unable to fight at his full strength.

There they learn that the resort is under construction and that their prize trip is for the following year. Amazed, Kisshi chases Ichigo wanting her own set of ears and tail in order to make money.

Tired from searching for the mew aqua, a grouchy Ichigo accidentally yells at Masaya. He pulled me close and grabbed my shoulder with his other hand.

Masaya takes Ichigo to Inohara Park to show her a large cherry tree that is unusually blooming out of season.

The girls win a day-trip to a resort in the mountains. Mew Mint is hurt while protecting Zakuro, but Kissuh does nothing. She transforms and defeats the monster. Ryou sends the girls to an audition to meet her, but Bu-Ling’s tricks nearly get them kicked out.


Lists of anime episodes. Quiche merges five parasites into the mew aqua, creating a powerful new chimera anima. The moth begins to release its pollutants, but Ichigo’s feelings make the mew aqua react.

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Kiszhu her dream, Minto is concerned about their mission. Ichigo tries to reach Masaya, showing him the bell collar, but it is useless. Quiche confronts him and reveals that he cannot maintain his Blue Knight form if he is not protecting Ichigo. Quiche tells Pie and Tart that the Blue Knight is the one who can save them.

When she nearly faints, he takes epiaode to the nurse’s office. Media Arts Database in Japanese. When Moe and Miwa wake up, Ryou and Keiichiro properly thank them for the gifts.

Zakuro arrives to help her, but is entangled kissyu some vines by QUiche. CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja CS1 French-language sources fr All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from June Articles with permanently dead external links Articles containing Japanese-language text Featured lists.

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Meanwhile, Bu-Ling is watching performance at the Tokyo Dome when a huge hole opens in the floor. Ichigo discovers that her school friends Moe and Miwa have developed crushes on Ryou and Keiichiro.

The light disappears and the aliens leave as the Mew Mew wonder what is going on. Hours late, Ichigo arrives at the meeting place. The little girl refuses to leave the school with the others, but Bu-Ling arrives to get her.