Mo ki eyin ojogbon wa. An intriguing and captivating movie with loads of morals. E si ku ise ribiribi ti e nse lori ede wa, ede Yoruba. What the elders can see sitting, the youth can not even standing on a stud. To enjoy more of our movies, Both the Elephant and Hippopotanus are large animals. Kindly give us a background to any other Yoruba dialect you speak in addition to written Yoruba language.

Thank you for showing interest in joining us to promote Yoruba language and culture on the internet. Emi naa ki i yin fun ise takun-takun ti e n gbe se ki ede ati aasa Yoruba le maa dagba si i. Your blog is of so much help. A story about a powerful and potent man who no one dares to confront not even the king. I would like you to do more research about the identity of agunfon and agbanrere. Ejowo eranko Wo ni won toka si ninu owe abi ofo yi.

E jo wo, ki ni itumo oro yi? Bawo ni ase wa ni oruko fun? Thanks for your kind comment and suggestion. Please explain further what you want The Yoruba Blog to do with regards to contributing to wikipedia. Omode o le laso titi, ko la kisa bi agba. There’s beauty in the Yoruba naming ceremony – Segilola Salami. I so much love all the comments. Originally posted E dakun e ba mi tan imole sii. Awon agbalagba ni won ma nlo oro yin lati fi bu eniyan to ma nsun ju.

Kola Oloye thanks for the correction. Thanks for bringing something like this to the public forum. Alaye nipa ogidan ti a ri loke yii wuyi. Eti baba nile yorkba baba loko, eyan lon je be. From experience, names of animals differ from one ethnic group to another in Yoruba Region. A story about a powerful and potent man who no one dares to confront not even the king.


A i sinile ologinni, ile wa di ile ekute. To enjoy more of our movies, Why are you asking a ijakujo from Sunday Oluokun? Time limit is exhausted. Sorry I am not clear on this particular question. E si ku ise ribiribi ti e nse lori ede wa, ede Yoruba. Mo ki eyin ojogbon wa. Just want to encourage you to keep up the good work. Please, for clarity, let everyone contribute to the discussion so that we can know the difference between the Yoruba names of rhinoceros, giraffe, boar and wild pig.

Ai rin jinna ni a ko ri ebuke okere. I hope our publication on Yoruba names of Animals has been of any help in your review of The Black Panther? Kin lode to nwon fi ma nso pe ako in Ogidan nbi? Keep up the good work.

However, with the encouragement from move and other readers, I can not give up. Mo fi towotowo praying ki e bawa dasi Wikipedia ti ede Yoruba.

See How To Advertise. Expressing yourself as a 21st century Yoruba speakers is fine. On the issue of Tiger, it is not impossible that this animal might have existed in Nigeria in the past but as a result of poaching and animal hunting, it might gone into extinction.

Watch the kind of company you keep, Adeshope became a prisoner as a result wrong association with an old friend whose ways are unknown to him.


E ka bo, A o jere opolopo ore ti o be ninu Ede yoruba oooooo. As infant’s hands cannot reach the archive likewise an adult’s hand cannot iiakumo barrel. Lets bring in new owes and correct any wrong ones. Mo nife blog yi ni tori wipe mo shey akiyesi wipe atokun re pese idahun so ibere lati Odun to pe. I would like you to do ijxkumo research about the identity of agunfon and agbanrere.

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A lot of research is usually done before any publication as a labour of love, hence I am sure of the answer I gave in the above reply. The purpose of The Yoruba Blog is to encourage and promote interest in Yoruba language for Yoruba speakers in diaspora.

Thanks for your encouraging message. Aei sin le olongbo, ile di ile ekute.

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Bawo ni nwon se nloyun ti won nbimo ti nwon ko ba bi abo? Thamks for your enquiry.

The giraffe has the longest neck, while rhinoseros looks more like Boar or the wild pig in term of their big size. However, please do more research. Se Ogidan ko ni abo ni?