Text which happens to contain a word or name similar to a word or name in Bleach but is not clearly derived from its Bleach incarnation is not Bleach related e. Want to add to the discussion? The others were like kids using new toys for the first time in the real world. Lol at the end. They really animated the manga well: Everyone, hope there’s a Bleach 2! I actually wanted these fights to be fleshed out in the anime. Next episode will sure be my favorite.

Giriko going hulk was pretty random, I guess since his Fullbring wasn’t so detailed it allowed him to do whatever he pleased. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Kenpachi just one shot the Hulk lol. Kenpachi killed the hulk in one hit. If Moe understood his weakness, he might have done better. This episode feels like the old Bleach again after such a long period of time. Better get rid of him so i can find someone else to fight.

Ikkaku vs Shishigawara was surprisingly good, and the Shinigami came off as complete badasses with the way the made such light work of Epieode. That’s because you’re a human and Aizen once vvs to Ichigo: So I was just rewatching the Fullbring arc and came across this episode where Ginjo is transferring a part of Ichigo’s power to the other Fullbringers. I honestly think that the Bleach Anime has saved the Fullbring arc.

But the 2nd reason why they gave Ichigo his powers back is so retarted.

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Would Shishigawara have defeated Ikkaku if he got his power upgrade? Guys, did you notice the opening was a little different from the previous episodes? Kenny’s got a new eye-patch and haircut. There isn’t even a contest.


It is a shame that the anime seems to be getting canned soon. Just bankai already Ichigo. I think they really were taken in by Ginjou’s leadership and ikkaki.

We ikkwku to see these 3 battles at least look to start in this episode, but no attacks or anything of note happened, that will probably be saved for the next couple of episodes. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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I am amused at Hitsugaya’s comment on being taller in the preview. Oh dear, that’s really goona be fast-paced but also epic at the same time! Giriko going hulk was pretty random, I guess since his Fullbring wasn’t so detailed it allowed him to do whatever he pleased. Though it’s hard to say since Kenpachi dispatched his foe like a joke even with the supposed power boost.

No what beat most of the fullbringers outside of Jackie is half of them didn’t use their powers in an actual vz way. I mostly hate this “manga filler” but the fights are good.

Moe and Riruka never used Bringer Light either. When the fuck has Renji ever had a physical feat that impressive?

Ichigo’s such a beast in these episodes. Ginjo trolled Ichigo’s powers to himself and the other Excution members, and Ginjo was once a substitute Soul Reaper as well. The others were like kids using new toys for the first time in the real world.


Why r all anime deciding to go with fast paces at the same time? Kenpachi is my favorite character in Bleach; he’s so damn funny! Preview Manga Manga Store. I want to know whats up with Orihime and Chad, not fight some chump”. Do they mean that none of the 10 remaining captains with their vice-captains, including the useless,impotent Yama-ji, are a epizode for an AWOL substitute shinigami that they made that statement? So, the memories she recalled were her real memories.

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Giriko called Kenpachi a muscle-bounded idiot or something like that and said that the likes of him should be defeated by brute force and thats why he turned into a Hulk. If I were the director, I’d just have the main characters kill Ginjo on day 1, literally look at the screen and show a troll-face. This is a place for fans of the series.

I guess there’d be no more “bla bla bla bla Kenpachi just one shot the Hulk lol. Jackie though has seemingly killed herself so that Renji could leave, so that ended their battle.

All of the colored chapters we have! D Always have, always will. Anyone ever wondered how it’d have been if it was Aizen vs.