Le Bal is a snapshot of a family which should never have been. She becomes sad and introspective, longing for the cold, icy winters of Russia. Antoinette feels betrayed by her mother, and by her Governess, Miss Betty, who is seeing a young man secretly. This a short book, two short stories, each about fifty pages long. Jul 04, Bennard rated it liked it. I thought that this book was harsh. It is like it has the ability to speak directly to me in a way that it’s not always easy to find in books.

The daughter is thrilled at the prospect; however, her mother has no intention of letting her go to the Ball. She has nursed all the children through the years, and now, with a heavy heart, she sees the youngest male members of the family leave to fight in the Great War. When her mother organizes a lavish ball to flaunt the family’s new-found wealth, Antoinette makes a choice which will forever alter the family’s destiny. Textual engagement and creative writing would also be brought from having students take the perspective of Antoinette, who is writing a letter to her parents several years later to show how the story could further be resolved. The maid who was supposed to post the invites, hands them to Antoinette and orders her to drop them off in the mailbox, while she and her lover spend some more time together. She has a distant relationship with her father and a violent one with her mother as they both hate each other vehemently. Her daughter desperately wants to attend but her mother won’t have it.

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The mother, Roisine Kampf, and her husband, Mr Kampf are planning to host a ball in their home, to mark their ascension into Parisian high society. Le Bal is a penetrating and incisive book set in early twentieth century France. Irene Nemirovsky’s books now take up an increasingly larger space on my bookshelves: I am not a Chekov fan and I didn’t like this much either.

Snow in Autumn is much better than Le Bal because Tatiana is more developed and more likable when compared to Antoinette. I have read the first novella in this bind-up of two, “Le Bal. Its total dysfunction is revealed in its preparations for a shallow Parisian ball in the ‘s when its outsiders attempt to make their mark in a society which is obviously not worth joining.

Le Bal & Snow in Autumn by Irène Némirovsky

They have to abandon their home and leave behind their belongings and flee, like many other ‘White Russians’ did, to other countries. Open Preview See a Problem? Her teenage daughter’s attending the ball would change the event, turning her into a middle-aged woman, rather than the fantasy of youth and being courted by a young lover.


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Le Bal & Snow in Autumn

Mar 20, Hannah rated it really liked it. There is little discussion of whether they were really part of the problem ruthless Barines who mi While lacking the punch of Suite Francaise or Fire in the Blood, these two novellas irens a snapshot of the lives of their characters. Jun 24, Wilde Sky rated it liked it.

Evidentemente a Antoinette esto no le hace mucha gracia, que digamos.

However the wife has a very fractious emotionally abusive? Aug 28, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: Views Nemirovxky Edit View history.

Rosine has had a rather shady past, and is equally as determined as her husband to be “accepted” into French high society. As with the first Nemirovsky book I read, I was impressed by how the author manages to describe the feelings, events, characters and times so exactly and succinctly. These two short stories were the final confirmation that my first impression was right.

Le Bal (novella) – Wikipedia

I just couldn’t get into it and didn’t bother finishing it. View all 3 comments. I preferred ” “It was at this moment, this fleeting moment that their paths crossed ‘on life’s journey’. In Le Bal, a precocious fourteen year old exacts a cruel revenge on her social climbing nouveau riche mother and father when they plan an elaborate ball that will not include her.

It’s about a fourteen-year-old girl who is not given permission to appear at her mother’s ball, and exacts a terrible revenge by throwing almost all the invitations into a river. The maid who was supposed to post the invites, hands them to Antoinette and orders her to drop them off in iree mailbox, while she and her lover spend some more time together.

They used to be poor, and Madame Kampf used to always complain about her husband not making enough money and saying that he promised her wealth.

This book is comprised of two novellas. Snow in Autumn is interesting as well, because I. She has a keen insight into the way people think and nemirovdky into the heads of her protaganists making them come alive on the page.


Mr and Mrs Kampf entertain Mademoiselle Isabelle for an hour, and then she leaves when no one else irebe up and Madam Kampf starts crying, because she thinks that the upper class circle has rejected her family and decided to boycott the ball.

At its heart is the tension between mother and daughter. Snow in Autumn is, like her brilliant novel, Suite Francaise, a story nemurovsky refugees seeking to escape war. Dec 17, Shonna Froebel rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 04, Bennard rated it liked it. Retrieved from ” https: May 11, Patricia Marie rated it it was amazing. It reminded me of all those Iene paintings about sad looking ladies with glasses of absynthe.

And then the wind finally swept them deep into the water.

I thought that this book was harsh. These stories are not as sweeping or grand as Suite Francaise, but that is not surprising since they are short stories and not full length novels.

These two novellas are strong stories,with most of the story within the protagonist’s head. Finally, Antoinette makes a decision that will wreak a terrible revenge upon her mother.

Oct 13, Wayne rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A book with two short stories written by the same author of ‘Suite Franchise’. The events of the Revolution force them into exile in France, where the nanny struggles to adjust to their new circumstances. Jan 05, Iris rated it liked it. It was written in and I felt impressed by how realistic was the description of the young girl’ rage and sadness. Still, I think that this book grows beyond that aspect, and is a sharp but smart piece of fiction.

As time goes by, however, their stay in Paris seems to be taking a greater toll on Tatiana than on the members of the Karine family because, after a while, the family has moved on and has come to reluctantly accept their life of poverty in Paris while Tatiana still dreams of the day that she will return to the snows of Russia.

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