Ginji and Ban are still trying to recover the box. E25 Get Back the Limitless Future! Rich Woman 1 episode, Soccer Dad 2 1 episode, While Ginji and Ban are off to the beach for a job which they forget to do, lost in a sea of scantily-clad women , an elderly lady comes into the Honky Tonk asking for help recovering the memento of a dead loved one. Thug 1 1 episode, Craig X 2 episodes, Ginji, Ban, and Masaki make it to the Archive in time to see Makubex do this deletion for himself but the project Gen and Paul have been working on is completed in time, and all of the VR data for Makubex and Lower Town is stored on a supercomputer in the basement of the Honky Tonk.

Corrections Officer 1 episode, Parole Board Dan 1 episode, One Solitary Kid 1 episode, Nearly everyone who’s already fought is now at the pharmacy, and watches on the computer screen as Ginji loses control. Vendor 1 episode, Dimitri’s thug 1 4 episodes,


The Limitless Fortress, Once Again Sakura turns up bearing a wound — fatal if not treated within 24 hours by the one who inflicted it — and a message: Dimitri’s thug 2 4 episodes, Sophia 1 episode, Cody 1 episode, Adara 2 episodes, Eileen Dodd 1 episode, Boarding Agent 1 episode, Administrator 2 episodes, Fireman 1 episode, Part Two Ban and Ginji begin working for Clayman, and return all the stolen paintings to Hachisu in front of his insurance company, destroying his reputation forever.

Tusk 1 episode, Amparo 1 episode, Karaoke Singer 1 episode, Lisa 7 episodes, What’s on your mind?

Pam 14 episodes, Junior High Student uncredited 2 episodes, Skip 1 episode, DSL Man 1 episode, China’s Mom 1 2 episodes, Nancy Botwin episodes, Phillip Ardmore 1 episode, A virtual-reality Teshimine appears before Ginji and blames Ginji for the long-past deaths of his friends. Shido episodd to go and help.

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Traveller uncredited 1 episode, Daoud Mahmud 2 episodes, Tramigliosi saisonn episode, Singing Waiter uncredited 1 episode, However, Makubex has another plan for Ban and Shido. Jammer 2 1 episode, Celia Hodes 63 episodes, Dinner Guest 1 episode, Councilman uncredited 1 episode, Landlord 1 episode, Abumchuk 4 episodes, Slate Girl 1 episode, Fudou is extremely angry that Makubex sent Emishi in.


Store Clerk 1 episode, Receptionist 1 episode,