Ok I agree with Jillian. I’m so glad you’re parsing this for us, because I, for one, do not understand. Pack your bags and wait until I come get you. An empty hunger for more money, power, security? It looks like her rise is of the meteoric variety at present, but it’s all restng on a house of cards that Lawyer Ahn is mortaring over for her as they speak: Anonim 16 Maret

There’s this really interesting scene-let at around 48 minutes of her alone in a room applying makeup at a vanity. I sincerely hope they will find their happiness. I’m wondering if he was simply looking for evidence that showed he knew Jae-hee or if Eun-ki’s father kind of did “get” to him in a way. SP September 22, at 3: Episode 5 by TeriYaki. She is using him because of her suspicions of his JH connections and how much it riles JH up.

It’s possible the writer hates cliches.

The Innocent Man

I guess my assumptions were right. And EG doesn’t bother to know the name of a person who was blackmailing JH. Maru innocemt war, and it was awesome.

Because I am starting to get impatient! MR made money off of convincing woman that he is interested in them.

Nice Guy: Episode 4 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

At least, it helped me understand this drama because I’m not so bright with “a plot within a plot within a plot” stuff It may not have a happy ending, but I don’t really care about that. EG said “she reported him to the police” personally so this means she knew his name in order to report him. She should already be suspecting this last cramacrazy what she already knows. Yup, thanks for the laughs.


Finding the connection between JH and MR is as easy as looking into her college years. As for who’s using whom and how much is real and how much is played deliberately, I think that none of the characters know or even care, like their ultimate epizode are so much bigger than personal attachments.

I don’t think EG forgot to end the phone call. Here is my weblog – Elementary Season 1 Episode 18 D??

We don’t want a martyr for a lead, do we?

But he does so much – saves her life twice, rescues her doll at his back’s expense, get beaten up the next day for his sister’s sake. The best way I can say it succinctly is this: It took her more than one year to picked a role that really interest her for her on screen come back after TPM: Like a roller coaster ride. Yes, someone told her that “it seems the fake doctor and Jae Hee knows each other. Jae Hee pulled down. She stays at the hospital to talk to him and asks point blank “Have we met before?

A compulsive need to win at any cost, without a thought to the limitations of the game? He admits that the neighbors have been paid off to lie, which explains the nervous ajumma. She didn’t have much choice back then regarding the script but now more script offer to her so I think it’s her credit to chose it wise too.


I agree, there can be so many takes on innocejt. I have a question: And she know how to challenge herself with different role too. Let me go back and re-watch that scene because I thought it was mentioned in the subs.

Even there in that scene, though, his innocent smile is starting to give me chills. She ends up falling asleep outside, and in the morning a mysterious person picks her up… and dumps her into the nearby river.

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Jae Hee’s been smacking her and she’s all talk. It’s not that I don’t like manipulative EG – I would love her to extend her sass and strategic thinking – but it seems like having all 3 characters being so manipulative can only lead to one result: She’s badass but among every character involved in the game, she’s the most innocent one.

But actually the reality is not always what it seems to be