I was expecting a lot from this film, as the premise is very good: Creepy, chilling and challenging, with several potent nightmarish sequences, this is another fine genre offering from the ever-dependable Spanish horror industry, and a film deserving of far greater recognition and acclaim. Pain Is Their Remedy. The poor development of characters makes the plot confused and boring in some moments. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And was penned by Luiso Berdejo who co-wrote [Rec], this time he offers up a bolder statement about burying histories darker secrets, but not….

I gotta admit that there were parts where I was “lost” because this movie is His wife implores him to spend less time at work, after all they have a baby on the way. London Film Festival Review”. The other story centers on a group of children who can’t feel pain, and their childhood of isolation during the Spanish Civil war. However at the same time his colleague Dr. It’s clear these two plots are related but the way they constantly cross along the movie is a bit confusing and boring.

David may find the answers he is looking for, but will he be happy with them and how do the painless children intertwine into his past. Shocktober – 31 Nations Of Fiml Film 29 A grim, grisly mystery which plays out in both the present and the past, gradually unfurling by revealing increasingly dark and disturbing secrets, which evolve from the Spanish Civil War and horrifically impact on the current day. A secluded asylum hosts a bunch of children with a mysterious illness that has them feel no pain.

Painlessalso known under its original title of Insensiblesis a fantasy horror film and the feature film directorial debut of Juan Carlos Medina. Although the cinematography was not bad the film would potentially bore its viewers.

I found this movie really really sad.

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This strong insensiblez is very promising but from the start we understand that a mixed and confusing story is coming Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on insensiibles phone or tablet! We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Share this Rating Title: Genres thriller mystery horror fantasy. The other story is about a man in the modern day who has to rethink his entire life when he discovers that he is fatally ill.


Related News Comic-Con Retrieved 12 January Sign in to vote. One young patient named Benigno played at different ages by Ilias and Mot Stothart stands insensobles in particular, as he proves to spoilsr exceptionally intelligent but also easily prone to isensibles outbursts – something that Carcedo believes is further proof of his beliefs. Aug 28, Rating: However that is not the worst of his problems as when he is checked over in the emergency room doctors find that he has cancer; and the only way to save his life is to have a bodily donation from one of his birth parents.

Colorful cinematography by Alejandro Martinez showing splendidly mountainssanatoriumand villages from PyreneesMontserratCataloniaSpainSpain. The movie is not so much a horror flick, than it is a thriller. He visits his parents and he learns that they are not his biological parents.

To add to his misery, the doctors inform David that scans of his body has revealed that he has lymphoma and requires a bone marrow transplant if he is to have any chance of survival. Pain Is Their Remedy. More at Projected Figures.

It begins insebsibles two plots which are continually crossing each other during the film: Benigno adolescente as Mot Stothart Derek de Lint Despite everything that Painless does well, spoilerr ending just feels rushed and wrong, almost as if the screenwriter quit or the crew ran out of time to film. Spanish, German and I think Catalan.

This sets him on a course to discover his roots. Weekend Box Office Results: I know, these can’t be compared to each other and I shouldn’t but I can’t help it because both are placed in the same Spanish time period and both have the same kind of bleak grey colour when they show reality.


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Only when he traces his lineage back to that hospital, where a frightened little boy grew into a real-life monster, will David finally begin to understand the long-buried secrets of his dark origins. However at the same time his colleague Dr. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! It was two parallel stories; one about a man who recently lost his pregnant wife, gained a premature infant son and the knowledge that he’s got a rare form of cancer.

Notify me of new comments via email. I’m a movie freak and this foreign flick fulfilled everything I enjoy. The crossover storyline really weaves together very well as we dart back and forth between modern-day and the early 20th century. Search for ” Insensibles ” on Amazon. Bea Segura as Magdalena. fikm

Painless aka Insensibles – Spain, 2012

It was much more justified in Pan’s Labyrinth because it was visible already in the beginning. His wife implores him to spend less time at work, after all they have a baby on the way. Can this film decide what it wants to be? Was this review helpful to you? This site uses cookies. As we witness the convergence of the storylines it rarely seems predictable and is usually captivating.

It is a tale of children hopelessly overwhelmed with a rare disease where tilm feel no physical pain, and the heartlessness of those who keeps them locked away like test animals.