The Coen Bros could have taken the plot line in any number of ways to give the viewer some foothold to hope that Llewyn may end up on the right track one day. The film’s inner journey is much more satisfying — satisfying in the context of experiencing art as a reflection of the human condition — than the outward journey, the latter of which is simply a springboard to further propel the antagonist along his arc. Everything from the impeccable Oscar Isaac to the music that enriches the deepest trenches of the soul, “Inside Llewyn Davis” is one of the best pictures of the year, plain and simple. The music is well recorded and the singing is pretty good. It’s not until this scene is repeated again at the film’s end do we understand the cause of this effect. Osage County and Paranormal Activity: The encounters with the genuine folks feel just as normal as if you or I encountered them; those with the more absurd of the lot feel perfectly surreal, and when they do end one almost wonders if we’ve all imagined the encounters through Llewyn himself. Because there is so much wrong about this movie it is hard to choose with which flaw to start with.

We are reminded that more often than not, things do not fall into place and luck is rarely on our side. There is and always will be some light and joyful counterbalance in the universe even in the darkest moments. Hell, it’s even got a coda of a scene to be dealing with, which at the end takes your mind back to the start of the production and forces one to reexamine what has just passed before your eyes. He is utterly friendless and alone in the world. At the end of the movie, we have now seen the main character find out he probably has a two year old son he never saw, but he decided not to go look for him when he passed by that town and had the opportunity. Select category Add custom category.

Perhaps the Coen brothers need to go to a good church service, or minimally watch a Monty Python movie. Now maybe that’s supposed to be part of his “mystery” but I just find it confusing.

First, as someone who is a bit of a jerk myself, I suppose it allowed me to reflect a little bit on how it can be sort of miserable being a jerk.

Most of this movie is watching Llewyn run around trying to figure out where to sleep and where he can get a bit of money. The Crimes of Grindelwald. This is a film that you probably enjoy more when you think llfwyn it once it’s over or on a rewatch because redboxx philosophical and sad, but rewarding none the less if you stick through it.


How dagis you care or be intrigued by a guy who is an absolutely selfish deplorable and miserable all the time. I did not want to hear his music anymore because the lyrics he sung were fraudulent, the beauty of his playing, a guise. He captures that crisis of self that’s necessary for an artist whose talent and passion is just out of step with societal changes. Jim Justin Timberlake is a cipher. It has no arc of suspense.

It’s the Coen Brothers finest film since “Fargo. This was just boring. I’d rather go see a mindless Star Trek movie than something this pretentious and intentionally pointless.

It just makes no sense, I don’t see how audiences get moved by the pap. But not only the script leaves him as a blank sheet lledyn grey paper.

His frustrated and cynical habitus is The soundtrack is also a lot of fun to listen too and Isaacs has a great voice. I was lleyn disappointed in this movie and I really wanted to like it as I am a fan of the Coen Brother’s work. There’s very little here–a struggling unpleasant man who sings his heart out about standard “folk” catastrophes but can’t take care of himself as he goes about damaging others, and animals as well.

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Sometimes its nice to not have to decipher every single scene in the film. Then he visits his close friends who are also selfish, deplorable and miserable and then you get a little folk song here and there. The Coens’ cinema is one of subtlety, of nuanced, of shades of grey between the black and white.

The story is based in the folk music scene of Greenwich Village in the pre-Bob Dylan days. The bit characters are fun and unusual in the Coen Bro’s way, but do little to ease the 90 minutes of crass, immature, self-defeating, out-of-touch and eventually just pathetic life movements from Lleywn’s character For Coen Brother fans, its worth the journey; for general movie fans, be warned, as this is an interesting film, but arguably not an enjoyable one.

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Luckily life is not, cannot EVER be, this bad. No explanation as to why this story deserved to be told.

This guy could become one of our finest actors in just five years’ time. Some of the songs are quite nice, but what seems to be missing a lot of the time is the joy and passion that one would expect from this music and this time. Isaac himself performs Llewyn’s songs, with a sweet, vulnerable voice that offers a touch of soul to Llewyn’s otherwise-bleak surroundings. But then, the film really isn’t about Llewyn’s ‘career’ or his friends, because this is a film about Llewyn.


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The city was cold and dreary, much like the s Manhattan depicted in this film. My problem is that the main character is pretty much in the same place at the end as at the beginning. The repugnant conclusion to the dark and often brilliant existentially despairing Coen oeuvre. There are oddly poetic scenes in the film.

Blu-ray rating Video 4. Hold on tight, because it is one experience that will remain with you long after the credits are cavis. I sat with my friend after the movie and basically railed against the film for the first ten minutes before slowly admitting that my criticisms were obviously the intended result and that the Coen Brothers have once again made a great movie that is simply not easy to digest and certainly not fun to digest. In essence, what they’re saying is, ‘we’re good at exposing the underbelly of the dark side of Americana; applaud us.

Oscar Isaac is a miracle: For me one of the most enthralling discoveries of A Star Is Born.

I sympathized with the main character and his struggles, perhaps because I consider myself a creative person as well, so I know how hard it insjde. Also worth noting, is the first of the Paranormal Activity films to stray from an upper-middle class white character focus, and I thought it brought a different dimension to an otherwise insidf franchise as well. We see he chose to take a flat fee for music, and there is some hint the song will turn out to be a hit and he will later kick himself for not having any royalty rights, but we never see that develop.

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Inside Llewyn Davis Blu-ray All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Jess Gonchor’s production design places us all in the folk scene, with intimate bar settings, old-time music studios, and even the classic bly of a Greenwich Village apartment building. His love life is a failure. First, his career as a folk singer is going badly: It is this contrast, the dialogue knside the sadly funny tale of a modern Don Quixote and that other, older, tenderer story, the music tells.

Sometimes I really notice their style like in their film A Serious Man, and I find myself confused and bored, but this film felt very true to me.

Which may be due to A scolding and perpetually angry sister.