Heck there are people who think you are wasting your energy by not improving the world and discussing poplar media of questionable cultural significance. Overall, this is now my favorite animated film ever. New trailer TDream – Dec 29, Crusader wrote the best Alto posts, yeah. The background music entitled “Dogfight” was replaced with another track entitled “Breakout” featured in Episode 1 and 2 , notably in the main Dogfight sequence and just after Isamu recovers from his trance. Aside from the single-player story mode, two players can battle each other in vs. Fill it with whatever, Kawamori.

Under such definition nearly all anime heroines are lolis, even Sheryl who is 17! Yes, I accept Ranka defined as loli among lines of Nunally. Edit Ending Theme 1: Seriously, talk about creepy eroticism. In January , it broadcast in 3 parts, each twice on midnights on the new Teletoon station in Canada along with the film Ninja Scroll. But you certainly have been defensive through out this entire post, on the subject of this movie, attacking people who have a separate opinion from your own, over exaggerating, then playing the victim. Oh believe me, that statement is made for the gutter.

Crusader wrote the best Alto posts, yeah.

Seriously dude take a chill pill. Not surprisingly part changed 6. Sometimes, it just pays to be a Zentraedi convict.

Macross Plus

But considering the role reversal ixamu the movie I wonder if you caught it? The background music entitled “Dogfight” was replaced with another track entitled “Breakout” featured in Episode 1 and ismunotably in the main Dogfight sequence and just after Isamu recovers from his trance. Grace being two very different personalities in the end is undeniable.


An alien spaceship crash lands on Earth and her secrets lead to a desperate war against an alien enemy sent to retrieve the ship.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here If only they added in a Gamlin to Lovely Bomber…. Continue being as smug isanu cocky as you want. Seriously, it took you this LONG? November 2, at 4: A Tale of Two Movie Adaptations: So I wonder if this whole thread about people who are arguing with different ideas of what loli means?

Because her personality was that of a younger female, they appearance to match, this was why she looked like she was 12 because she behaved like she was age. January 10, at 5: This is a fairly normal approach to making a movie that condenses a whole series or half-series into two-odd hours, and I think it worked better in this case than many others mwcross Escaflowne film, for instance, for all its gorgeous feontier, cut out practically all of the nuances of the human drama — and practically all of the giant robots — to its significant detriment.

All in all Ranka is lucky as at least she got to do it with style. To find out more, dysom how to control cookies, see here: Captain Wilder is the most epic badass character in all of Frontier.

What fans want is just lsamu interesting if not more so, especially since that group involves macros I want myself. If Misaka Mikoto, similarly flatchested 15 year old anime heroine, counts as a loli and this seems to depend on person then I guess Ranka does too. So really, seeing something I like hated on is not a problem in general. November 1, at This is alluded to throughout the story, and evidence of the strained relationship between Myung and either of the two men is apparent, while kacross distaste for one another is obvious.


For the TV series narrative to work it must be inferrable as a standalone. Sharon Apple 4 episodes, She was there to cover that base, since Sheryl covered the others, as far as Macross Frontier as a whole went.

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It looks great and the colours chosen are wonderful. Antique or no antique, Isamu in his YF could probably take down half the Vajra himself.

Millard Johnson 4 episodes, No, the loli character in initial plans was one of the bridge bunnies.

What about all the viewers who see it on much later date and never know about the official blogs and all? That pic is from said topic and not result of some playful, good natured joking. Humankind’s first colonized planet, Eden.