Yesterday nly I read all ur episode, and I m ur fan…u have made me addicted 2 ur writing….. Just now relived from work… Very tired… Inspite of dat I read this chap yar super episode finally ishgun unites…. The puja starts and Khushi tries to see Anjali’s husband’sface while recalling the two ‘Rani Sahiba’ incidents again. Garima thanks God forthe good relation Payal’s got. Shesays they are good people like Anjali. He takes off Khushi’s engagement ring andthrows it away keaving Payal and Khushi shocked. One of my favourite things about this show is how the foundation for everything we see in until Shyam finally leaves is laid out in the first 20 or so episodes. But Shashi gets agitated and thetwo sisters get worried.

Akash saysno one from her house is coming. Mami almost ruins everything, insulting Payal incessantly and angering everyone present but Mama stops her. Tagged with myipkkndrewatch ipkknd iss pyaar ko kya naam doon. I write 6 ff.. Shyam gets relieved as it is comfirmed that the Guptas aren’t coming. But I used to write 6 ff.. Read my stories to know about me more

I mean how do you manage to come up with each and every episodes without failing to talk about every couples….

Arnav asks if she needs something. Shyam, who was sitting with her, hurries unnoticed into his room.

Ashu 4th Jul – 3: All young boyz amd girlz in village join them…. Yesterday nly I read all ur episode, and I m ur fan…u have made me addicted 2 ur writing…. Bua-ji and Garima welcome their guests inside while Payal irrationally worries Khushi, what are nama all doing here?



Girls dancing scenes in mahi ve…. Shashi looks at him furiously. All boyz start dancing starring at them. U r awesome fantabulous…. VSK 4th Jul – 3: There Garima asks bua to come in side and she saysthat boys mom seems not happy with this and nani comes there and shesays that she looks hard from out but she will keep Payal happy and naniassures them.

I just found ways that don’t work. Wll post a long comment tmrw. Shyam paces a few rooms away. Omg yaar… hats off to u yaar… u r really awesome.

Shyam gets relieved as it is comfirmed that the Guptas aren’t coming. Jaadhu 4th Jul – 4: For those of you keeping track, it has been 7 days since Diwaali, Khushi has been engaged to Shyam for 6 days, and Arnav moved his engagement to next week 2 days ago. I write 6 ff. Thank u wrtiten much kushi dear.

Swaragini — Friends for life and love until death Part Dadi comes and apply haldi to swara blessing her….

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Super episode as usual arshi akka…ishra scene was awesome…dhoti scene was funny …ishgun patchup was so nyc…haldi scenes were fantastic…waiting eagerly fa da nxt epi akka…. Shyam congratulates Akash andpulls his leg a bit. And Sisy…I forgot to say,Ishu shagun scene was extraordinary…. A myriad of emotions pass between them in the few seconds that they stand at the door, before Arnav steps past her into the house, carefully avoiding touching her.

Sections of this page. Nani interrupts doom, explaining that Manorama has agreed to the alliance and promises that the entire family will keep Payal happy. Khushi, what are they all doing here? Madhumati wonders where Shyam has disappeared to.


Anjali calls her up and asks Khushi that she isalso a part of the house so they all should also come including herfiance. La also tells Arnav that he has to sit with her in thepuja. Khushi serves tea to ASR and they have small eyelock. Find all the recaps here.

In the morning Khusi makes Payal ready and she is about to tell hereverything Raizada comes there and Shayam sees Raizadas and he leavesfrom there. Shayam tries to escape through window but its not opening up. He gives it back to Khushi and asks what’s wrong. Zaira 4th Jul – 4: Khushi asks Shashi if he is happy but Shashi looksworried. Khushi shakes her head in a no andleaves. Ishveer ff is only old. Garima witten hum or aap and mami says yeah we kne backgrounds aredifferent but its cz they love each other.

Shyam has to come forthe puja.