This leaves Khushi shocked. Nani tells Khushi not to worry.. Khushi says, they said I am going to the next round. Khushi gets nervous and says, what if they say no? They will say whether they selected or no later. Shyamcomes and takes an impression of Arnav’s key in a soap.

Episode , Thursday 12th June Anjali removes the band on the Niranjan’s head and gets shocked to see that he is not wounded. Khushi says, yes I am fine.. Shyamcomes and takes an impression of Arnav’s key in a soap. Jyothi says sorry to Siddarth for talking rude, Siddarth asks her not to worry. Somehow I did that.. Khushi talks with them and hangs up.

Khushi first gets confused, and then says. And they haveanother romantic moment. Anjali wakes her up and epjsode out that she was upall night. Khushi doesn’t approve of this as she was soworried. She goes outside with bare foot, Astha observes this and calls Anjali but she didn’t hear.

Anjali comes and overhears Arnav tellingKhushi nothing happened to him last oyaar, he was absolutely fine; hehad had medicine as well as food and hadn’t fainted either; it was all adrama. As result of hard work is always good. Renuka gets worried, She thinks that Siddarth is talking to a boy. Sojal comes and says, Varad why you all the time is busy with your work. Aarav picks it up and gives it to Khushi. Nani calls Arnav and tellshim to writen soon but he simply denies to it and gets angry.

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Khushi says, I will have to go there in an hour now. He also recalls lying to Khushi regarding the same. Niranjan drinks the coffee and leaves. Than Arnav strts coughingas he had water while sleeping ok Khushi runs his back to make himcomfortable and makes his face to go up so that he feels better andthere is Rabba Vee moment. Nk comes there with full of excitement. Shlok is my brother and don’t try to compare me with him.


What I have done to myself? Astha also says that she too loves him and hugs him.

Many times Khushi gets the shot of sleep and thanArnav wakes up but he also gets up for the water and she comes down togive the water but he is rude and he takes up water while laying downand she tells him to take water while sitting. Khushi says she had oiled his hair atnight so that must’ve fallen. Anjali comes to Arnav and coon checking his health. At Raizada house, Arnav is helping Aarav with his homework. She talks with herself now saying why she had to do all this.

The judges get impressed with her answer.

Khushi moves back, but Arnav then carries her and takes to the bed and turns off the lights. Khushi says, what this girl thinks of herself?

Lady confidently starts giving her introduction. Manorma sees PayAsh and Babli playing and sits with wrtiten. She prays, please make Anjali get her self respect back.

He says that it is Ajju’s. Arnav sees jss and asks, so carrot took place of jalebis? Than Khushi makes him to lie down and she covers him back.

Everyone asks Khushi what they said? He tells her he wanted to get back at her fortroubling him all day long. Khushi arrives at the audition place. They will say whether they selected or no later.

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Jyothi didn’t understand why the call disconnected. Arnav comes back and asks, selected? Jyothi says sorry to Siddarth for talking rude, Siddarth asks her not to worry. Posted by Y SriMani at 7: Arnav says he is not just clever, he is cunning, he is ArnavSingh Raizada and leaves with a triumphant look. Created by Muhammad Shariq Baig.


Khushi keeps some money on the balcony’s table and goes. Khushi blameherself for Arnav’s condition.


In the morning she is by his side and she is asking him if he is alrightand if he needs anything or not and he gets up with the shock and walksdown and while walking he gets slip and he falls down. Kavya insists Astha to come with her. Anjali and Astha were in the temple to do puja for some reason.

And even you know that you mess something everywhere you go. Natasha turns back nsam says, I think myself which you can become one.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

I am sure you will get happy seeing that. Sojal gets shocked and asks Varad whether he really leave her??. Anjali takes Arnav to his room and shows him their childhood photograph. Payal gives Khushi some tea and asks her to take care ofherself.

Anjali says, I lost the love 2288 my three children and i don’t want to loose my fourth child Astha.