With a 9 1 h multilingual service, Canadians are required to subscribe to a channel. So that would be You know, looking two years out, the farther you go out, the greater the uncertainty. Yeah, I mean, I’ll let Aldo answer that one, Chairman, but if I could just add the — you know, it’s easy to goose up the third language numbers by adding telenovelas or Bollywood movies or stuff like that. Have you given thought to that? The CRTC has identified news and information programming in third languages as a priority. And just to be clear, we’re — I understand you mentioned maintain the current newscasts.

We’re trying to figure out based on the current resources then that you have and the experience the members of your team. If I might just add that our news department will — in Montreal — our news department in Montreal will be staffed with full-time staff. This platform will be a powerful tool for attracting and keeping subscribers in the regulated pay TV system and provide value to the BDUs. So have you observed any particular trends related to that ethnic advertising market? Thank you very much. So — and we will know that more when we are — you know, offices are set and we are on the ground with every community and we can then figure where those communities that really need service and are ready to use it. If you are Latino you have your package from Latin America.

I think it’s 30 And if you took advantage of a number of those fully-produced programming, operational support and so on, how would you then characterize the CBC, at that point, in relation to your undertaking partners?

That has shown to be true. TV 47 min Drama. So at the beginning of the day, the children’s programming, the news in English and French in the beginning and the end of the day and the drama, fiction and comedy, reality television, all of that that’s going to be program. I will pass and read on the next one. I think maybe John can talk about the different advertising. A chronicle of the lives of itala British aristocratic Crawley family and their servants in the early 20th Century.

Yes, we plan to have a multi-platform user experience. But there may be another perspective for some of those.


Transcript, Hearing November 27

Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven’t rated, etc. So I have like, here the wording. That’s what TLN is, a national feed, a national channel with an east and west time-delayed identical feed. Who can, you know, not like melodrama and song and dance.

So two thirds of the content would be local So you would have included all of the expenses and costs for that programming on the linear service? And — for example, one of them that we’ve made is 5 percent of revenues that would go towards community producers, and that’s a commitment that Rogers has not made.

And I’ll let my colleagues jump because they’re the ones who are going to have to absorb those losses. And the idea behind all of that is that every year we have a quarter-of-a-million Canadians come in and information will make them citizens. Over the decades, Canadian artists of diverse backgrounds produced hundreds of productions for television and cinema.

We think — I mean, it’s — these are new investments in stronger programming. So is it the same thing that you’ll use the projections and accept a condition of license for the first year for PNI?

Mad Men — TV 47 min Drama 8. Beauty Centre — Drama 6. Similarly, ICTV received support from a host of community organizations, artists, and directors, and producers from across the country. If you are Latino you have your package from Latin America. For the new entity, do you have arrangements in place?

I will let them introduce themselves for clarity. In conclusion, we believe that for a national multilingual service to truly represent our multicultural society and serve as a beacon for unity, we must serve as many linguistic communities as possible with the same high-quality programming. Series of unrelated short stories covering elements of crime, horror, drama, and comedy about people of different backgrounds committing murders, suicides, thefts, and other sorts of crime caused by certain motivations, perceived or not.

How can you achieve those commitments? Do you have evidence that the impact of the proposed wholesale rate on the price of the basic package and its acceptability to Canadians? One is that we will be — what we gave the CRTC the — when we were asked about the language of other programming we created the grid of the languages of the programming.


Managing a channel that serves a number of different ethnic groups that speak a number of different languages is quite challenging. We do not outsource news. TV 44 min Drama, Romance. Well, in the production of our newscasts, we anticipate that 80 percent of the news stories will be the news of the day and the headlines of the day and will be common throughout.

Copy from this list Export Report this list. Did you want this in an undertaking for clarification, or is this sufficient? We also have our community producers. And have you discussed this type of arrangement with the BDUs and, if so, what has been their reaction? It is within the range of other services which have — are delivering other 91H service, which are delivering these kinds of exceptional commitments and contributions.

So have you observed any particular trends related to that ethnic advertising market? That’s 40 hours of original first run programming per week.

Le serie TV da vedere

And the undertakings are due December 6th, I believe, just to let you know. These included media and arts frige, ethnic and cultural groups, as well as human rights organizations, funds and foundations. We will have more staffing.

So you’ve said that the proposed conditions of license for the OTV service would commit to the acquisition, investment in ethnic or original third language programs of national interest of at least five per cent of the teoefilm gross year’s revenues — gross revenues.

As you know, it costs a lot of money, one, to do that kind of thing. The makeup of the advisory council. Oh — yes, potentially.

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