The Channel will become an instant value add to the pay package and, we believe, drive increased consumer value and, hence, increase penetration. We are completely at a different price point. Our dream for the Canadian Film Channel is something that we have been working on and trying to find a way to bring it to realty for three years prior. No doubt you are going to get your programmers from the existing licensees, but in any event you are making a claim that somehow, you know, you have got a better mouse trap. In other words, they are obligated to provide it to us. And all that is missing is competition.

Can you help me out there? Because if indeed that was all that the consumer was looking for, then I don’t think that the incumbents would be getting the level of satisfaction that they are. There is a lot of filmmakers out there, but I think the reason it seems like there’s a lot of filmmakers out there is there’s not an avenue for them to exhibit their work. Support for Canadian films from the pay TV sector could be many millions of dollars higher than what we have today. Actually, I would be very happy to discuss that, subject obviously to Competition Bureau issues. I think the appropriate wording for that is presented in the Supplementary Brief and it doesn’t go that far. And that’s what we want to provide.

That is what I’m asking you and have been asking you for the last three or four questions, if I may.

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I have to leave that really to your own policy considerations, because the fact is: Five of the movies that have not been aired? Burger if he could provide telerilm weeks of programming so we would have a better sense of what you would actually potentially be running, recognizing you wouldn’t have any agreements for these programs.

They will, but it’s not part of what we’ve counted italka our original production from licence fees.

We would be able to carry this service. I would just like to explore with you for a moment the significance in the British context of the sports pack.

That is our position. Would you have a look at Table 12 of their report where they adjust your subscriber numbers downward. No, I mean, obviously we don’t have control of that. Actually it would relate in the format of, in some ways, of promotion as well. But the perspective that I am trying to articulate to you is a perspective that I perceive in the interventions of a number of producers.

We want to make very high end drama, which is essentially Monday morning cooler conversation and that is our goal.


I would ask my counsel, Peter Grant, to address that. I can’t give you any assurance whatsoever that this is not going to founder on unrer rocks. You know, you have pointed out that one of the issues is the stress on the current public funding for films already. If you have that money, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get better scripts for it.

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Abigail nude picture walcott. I think that there were a couple of questions in there. It is just that what you have stated about funding, the 60 per cent and then half of the 60 per cent sounds a little bit like a quota system to me, and so I didn’t know whether that would also translate into some sort of a quota system for productions that you would air from the regions. I’ve never lost my interest in the broadcasting business, and I remain involved in six currently launched or about to launch digital specialty channels.

We fim get into the lower altitudes depending on the answers. No, they definitely are available.

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The count database is arranged simply by features and documentaries. I think it is going to be an important point of differentiation and I think it is going to avoid the pitfalls that the system suffered back in precisely because of that. Chey lane ile porno indir. What we are missing is a new national player.

I think it is awkward enough to suggest this because we are coming in here as a champion of competition, but I think that if we want to make this competition effective this relatively small modicum of support, especially since there is precedent for it, is not unreasonable to request. We are not obligated to take it from them and it is for that reason that there is a reference to definitive terms as in 61 date and that we would in fact proceed.

What is the rationale? Actually, yes, I can answer that. So it’s an easy spend. I would also point dix that the independent producers, upon receipt of these monies, are private sector enterprises and have overhead and administration costs and receive fees for producing their films, as well they should.

Hentai porno elf lezbiyen. I don’t think it is a public taste issue. Well, I guess my telegilm impulse is to ffeet that is a classy problem to have, but in fact I think inevitably telefulm becomes a cost of doing business and I think that you have obligations to maintain certain margins in order for your business to continue to be viable. And on the Canadian channels I believe it is the Writer’s Guild which also suggested that even for Canadian programming there should be exclusivity granted and that otherwise if the Canadian programs were widely available that would have the effect of making them less valued.


I’m afraid it depends on what is available. Just for clarity, this would be with respect to original programming, not acquisitions.

One of the interventions which I found, particularly which was suggested to me by colleague, Commissioner Pennefather, from a Rombus film says it is not that we don’t make enough films in this country, we make too damn many and they aren’t good enough.

Sure, I think what we are looking to do with the Canadian Film Channel, as Cal was saying, was to promote Canadian content and Canadian filmmakers and Canadian films per cent of the telefllm. When you were talking about exclusivity on foreign programming, the question on foreign programming, your answer I believe to Mr. I teledilm know what is typically done in the first year when you don’t have a previous year against which to measure a number.

I think it is fair to say that this application is proposing what is essentially a public purpose. That is absolutely correct. I don’t have the figures with me and we have had discussions with the radio industry. I think that there is a lot of work involved in this, Mr.

I won’t read it into the record because it televilm an obvious point, but I guess what we were looking to is that we would be prepared to accept that the circular would indicate that this interpretation would apply until two years after launch. Those are all my questions. Yes, and just to touch on that, I think what we are dealing with is a bit of a familiarity complex and often what happens is, as Shane was pointing filmm, the films are only in the theatres for a week, they don’t get the chance to be promoted effectively, we don’t know teleflim all these filmmakers are, who all these actors are.

We literally can’t wait to begin working with Guy. So it changes the entire financing model across the country and most producers, frankly, agree telefim us when we have a detailed discussion about this.

The staff does the thinking. That is what we were looking to try to get on the record, if you don’t mind.