When the stress of the wedding rituals causes Ecarlate to sprout a cowlick again, the party is forced to endure the “Karaoke from Hell” in order to calm her down. Unfortunately, as Konpika gains a multitude of followers, they threaten to start a violent crusade against the Ulga Religious Sorority, forcing Kon to find a way to end his own legend as it spirals out of control. Ecchi , School , Shoune ED” by ED group eps 6: However, Kon finds that the spring is increasing his libido and soon finds his whole body glowing in a way that he can’t turn off. Setelah menyelamatkan Princess Ecarlate dari serangan, ia pun langsung diangkat menjadi ksatria pelindung Princess Ecarlate dari kerajaan St.

The two end up running into each other in one of the hot springs and Kon once again defeats Erecpyle with a cheap shot, forcing the party to leave the area in the middle of the night. Brotherhood BD Episode 01 – After Variation manages to escape from his predicament, he launches into a brief history of the beginning of Incognito that seems to be more like a movie where Incognito acts as a police vice squad. However, he gets lost and ends up running across several different anti-Empire factions, each represented by a weird costumed character. Takahashi, Hideya Episode Director, Storyboard. Zexcs, Sentai FilmworksL Genres: Erecpyle can’t bring himself to tell anyone the true nature of his injury. Karma Original Manhua Creator:

Klan jndo Nicat Nicat 4 years ago. Retrieved from ” https: ComedyEcchiFantasyEcarlate’s wedding finally commences, however Kon starts to feel upset with the wedding.

Anime ini berlatar belakang tentang kehidupan seorang siswa SMA yang menghabiskan waktunya bermain game. As Ecarlate prepares for her wedding, Kon is instructed to meet with the astrologer in a tower west of the capital.


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Ixion Saga Episode 14 Subtitle Indonesia. After spending a night in an abandoned castle, Kon and the group are ambushed by Erecpyle and his Incognito unit. While Mariandale stalls for time in Erec’s camp, Kon manipulates Leon into giving up some secrets about his unit. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. He then initiates a hostage exchange, handing eplsode Leon in exchange for Marian, but sets up an ambush for Kndo unit at the aforementioned castle.

Ixion Saga Episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia.

Ixion Saga DT Episode 4 Subtitle Indonesia

Andres Caks Di rilis pada: Later, Kon tries to talk with a drunken Marian but ends up sleeping with her through the night. Kon believes he sees an omen in the stars that he is about to die while the Ulga Sorority plays the Empire and anti-Empire forces against each other.

After Variation manages to escape from his predicament, he launches into a brief history of the beginning of Incognito that seems to be more like a movie where Incognito acts as a police vice squad.

A1-PictureOrdet Type: Karma Original Manhua Creator: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Shokugeki no Soma Studios: After saving Princess Ecarlate from attackers, he soon finds himself in the middle of a struggle around Alma.

High Definition [p] Audio Quality: Jan 4, to Mar 22, Producers: Mariandale attempts to recreate a hamburger meal from “Snackdonalds,” which Kon likes until he finds out what ingredients went into the food.


Oct 6, to Mar 30, Premiered: Jun 19, 2: Kon considers leaving the princess’s entourage, but his resolve is tested again when Erecpyle reappears, piloting a Chariot tank and wrecking the town due to his imbalance caused by losing one of his testicles.

However, when the party reaches the next village, Kon’s new secret is exposed. However, while looking for a spot to relieve himself, he spots Pet talking to someone over a magic radio.

Ixion Saga Dt Episode 1 English Dub

ActionFantasyComedy. Unable to stop his glowing power, Kon attempts to cover it up. Ixion Saga Episode 15 Subtitle Indonesia.

Ixion Saga Episode 3 Subtitle Indonesia. Tamatsukure can be read as a pun roughly, “ball-making” or as an analog to the real Tamatsukuri Onsen in Japan and its supposed healing powers.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Upon arrival, Kon hears from Pet about an Ixion Experimental Lab and goes to check it out to see if there’s any leads about Olvidia. In the end, Kon’s headphones and Ecarlate’s inod are all that remain of their respective owners.

Oct 8, to Apr 1, Producers: Monthly Comic Zero Sum.