I have to say, I love the little comparative intricacies that Hunt weaves in his stories–I’m always trying to figure out the real-world parallels of the locales and denizens of this particular canon. Now Secrets of the Fire Sea returns to the form of Kingdom Beyond the Waves with a superb tale that has sense of wonder, great characters, twists, turns and a new setting in the Jackelian world, the island continent of Jago, surrounded by a magma sea, where electricity works and where thousands of years ago, civilization kept going in the ice-age and later under the savage Chimecan Empire domination. Secrets jumps away from the events of the last three books and starts with a new protagonist, Hannah Conquest, a bright, precocious young girl with aspirations of joining the clergy of the Circlist Church. Other than that, I have little negative to say other than I wasn’t quite sure how to envision parts of Hermetica City which didn’t work well when the book started reaching its climax. The ab-locks and ursks were interesting, as Hunt’s monsters usually are. But then Alice is killed, apparently by rampaging ursks which breached the electrical defenses of Hermetica for the first time in living memory

The pace was slower and far more localised than previous books and far too focused on code breaking. It’s a mixture that proves even more explosive when Daunt is charged with unraveling the circumstances of Alice Gray’s demise, and a journey of discovery to the interior of Jago ensues Watson, Boxiron, these two actually steal the show from the otherwise amazing characters that are always placed perfectly in these one shot novels. Hannah is an orphan raised by the church and when her guardian is murdered, Jethro and Boxiron venture to the remote island of Jago to help catch the killer. His complaining in the other books though did give some idea to what was going to happen in this one. It combines a sort of Victorian steam punk sci fi with a murder mystery that holds together through the entire book and to the end. Every now and then Jethro appears to be a fantastic hat tilt to Sherlock Holmes, and on occasion made me chuckle with appreciation. The isle of Jago itself presents a creepy, hellish setting.

Jack Cloudie by Stephen Hunt February 1, It’s a mixture that proves even more explosive when Daunt is charged with unraveling the circumstances of Alice Gray’s demise, and a journey of discovery to the interior of Jago ensues The fourth book, Secrets of the Fire Seais a murder mystery set on the island of Jago in the Fire Sea of the titleand features the consulting detective Rveiew Daunt and his steamman assistant Boxiron attempting to uncover the murderer of the island’s arch-bishop.


InHunt became research director of the investment bank Almeida Capitalwhere he founded AltAssetsan online service focused on the venture capital and private equity market.

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And jacmelian is honestly one of the best steampunk settings out there, and continues to be wonderfully creative sometimes even surprising. However, at no point did I find I was floundering, despite that The Rise of the Iron Moon is the third in a series — so this is probably the price to pay for ensuring readers can do silly things like starting an established series in completely the wrong place.

Dec 07, Adam TenPas rated it it was amazing. I particularly enjoyed Coppertracks and the notion of a race of sentient machines that have established their own independent Kingdom. Only 3 left in stock – order soon.

Colorful characters and settings give flair to a whodunnit mystery that was an enjoyable ride. Where they are not familiar, they’re too hard to identify with; the formula around which the plot turns is more revview and thus needs to be more explicable than Purity’s maths sword was in Rise of The Iron Moon.

Secrets of the Fire Sea

The contraction of its economy has led Jago into a drawn-out agony of repression; despite its wealth of resources and history, and despite its being the only place on Earth where the wild power of electricity can be tamed and used as it was in centuries past.

In spite of some lackluster world-expansion, Hunt has actually managed to cobble together a serviceable mystery novel. But once it got going it was terrific stuff. Unfortunately Hunt insists on using a set of dull, stock protagonists. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Jan 21, Blake rated it it was amazing. At last, a book written by Deries Hunt that maintained its strength from beginning to end!

Mission to Mightadore

Another great aspect of this novel were the various females in positions of power, including- the exclusively matriarchal society of the Pericurians, female archbishops and militia as well as a Pericurian woman as the head of their free company fighters. A follow-up of sorts, The Kingdom Beyond the Waves publishedis set in the same world and introduces more races and tells some of the back-story.

An excellent addition to the Jeckelian Sequence, “Secrets of the Fire Sea” combines a detective story, exploration of exotic lands, intrigue and war in a truly impressive plot with numerous narrative hooks and twists.


Stephen Hunt takes a smaller scope and a smaller in a way menace, and the story improves compared to the previous ones. The first two exciting novels in this series are ‘In Dark Service’ and ‘Foul Tides Turning’, and focus on the Carnehan family, whose lives are torn apart in a terrible slave raid on the town of Northhaven. East Dane Designer Sseries Fashion.

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Compared to those this feels a little dialed in, but it’s still so far and away more creative than almost anything else out there, I couldn’t help but love it.

Journeyman’s Legacy Letters from Outpost It’s smart and most definitely deliberate that he chose to focus on a creationism religion, the Divine Quad and a science-based religion, Circlism. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The first novel focuses on both the adventures of the pursuing towns-people and the slaves’ struggle to survive their harsh captivity.

I have seventeen unresolved plot erview to deal with in the next hundred pages! Perhaps this is the case of a good author taking on too complex a project, which is noth The book starts off deliciously – interesting characters, intriguing mysteries, potentially dangerous politics. This book is no exception.

A second full-length novel which was not serialised followed called Anomalous Thrust.

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The story is supposed to be set in a Steam Punk universe, but mostly what that turned into was changing names. There was the desperation that is characteristic of his plots, but I was not in sreies great suspense when compared to the distress found in The Rise of the Iron Moon or my favorite book by Hunt, The Court of the Air. Mar 23, Liviu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Each book is a standalone adventure set in the same world with some of the jackeluan characters, so you don’t need to read it in sequential order although purists often do.

Jun 21, Alex rated it liked it Shelves: