Cathy and Gayle have also had their tiffs, but Cathy created a bigger issue with Anthony when he fired Filly for posing in “Playgirl” magazine. Gayle and Alexa’s rocky partnership gets put to the test at a volunteer event. An old friendship reignites and Anthony is given some unsettling news. A plan to franchise the Gatsby brings Gayle a shocking offer; Gigi tries to make amends with Frankie; Olivia and Alexa makeover Anthony’s salon. The Gatsby offers Medispa service. Jerseylicious, Season 1 Welcome to the Gatsby Salon–where big hair meets even bigger personalities. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Gatsby experiences some staff shake-ups, which throws off plans.

Tracy, Gigi and Alexa go speed dating, while Olivia dates Tracy’s former boyfriend Mikey, leading to a brawl between the two. Gigi adjusts to single hood. Tracy can’t focus after her talk with Gigi and wants to get Olivia’s opinion. On August 26, , Tracy DiMarco announced on her social networks that she was filming something for E! A party at the Gatsby embracing plus-sized full-figured women forces Doria to face her demons; an encounter between Tracy and Mikey at a club leads to an explosive confrontation. A panel will open. Tracy wants her old job back; Frankie moves in with Gigi; Anthony gets a new image. A Gatsby stylist gets off to a rocky start with a co-worker.

Gayle wrongly fires Jeeseylicious when she fights with Olivia’s roommate. TV by the Numbers Press release. Tracy and Olivia organize a charity event at the salon. On Demand in the US. Anthony begins his reign as interim manager, but a risky move puts Gayle on edge. To play our content, your browser needs to be the latest version.


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Anthony tries psrt get a book published; Gayle considers getting a face-lift; Gigi brawls with Tracy. Olivia reunites with an ex and sparks fly when Tracy sets her sights on an ex.

When Doria returns to work at the Gatsby, she immediately ruffles Olivia’s feathers by criticizing her work. Anthony starts his reign as interim manager, but immediately tests Gayle’s patience. A Star Is Born 4. New York Daily News. Life, Health and Beauty.

Alexa helps Christy feel pretty again. Owner Gayle and daughter Christy are feeling the pressure to make the shop a success — and the ongoing drama among the staff is just one more stressor. Alexa launches a new service.

Alexa opens her Glam Factory headquarters for business and unleashes her pent up anger on Gayle, initiating a face-off in front of the staff. The Jeraeylicious has a new addition, much to Olivia’s dismay. Gigi says goodbye to Carla. Something Borrowed, Something New. Olivia and Tracy battle over conflicting photo shoots; Gigi’s friendship with Frankie forces her to visit an unusual place.

An awkward confrontation changes Gigi and Frankie’s relationship forever. Alexa and Gayle face off at the Gatsby and Olivia must choose sides; reunioj unwelcome guest threatens to ruin Briella’s birthday party.


Olivia’s dream of a boob job may come true. To distract Gigi from her break with Frankie, the girls go on a getaway to Atlantic City.

Reunion Special, Pt. 2

Select Compatibility View Settings. The Gatsby’s intern Filippo brings in a potential client who wants Gayle and Alexa to style her together. The fifth season begins with the stylists planning a casino-themed party to jfrseylicious Anthony’s 40th birthday.

The fourth season begins with Olivia agreeing to do hair to help out a thin Gatsby staff. Gigi is going baby crazy and decides to throw Christy a surprise jerseyliicious shower. Gayle realizes she needs some camera help. Cathy hires Alexa to shoot a billboard and Alexa’s engagement plan is derailed. And Gigi, who dreams of a husband and family, is working on reconciling with the love of her life while styling hair at the salon.

Gigi has her three-way talk with Olivia and Tracy. Cast members’ pasts are explored. Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. There’s No Place Like Jersey?

Gigi sees a psychic for love advice. Frankie is confused about who Gigi is becoming.