The editing dissolve from Billy posing with his fish into a long shot of the landscape at dusk has temporal and symbolic significance. The first shots give insights into his family life, showing him as a loving and caring father. The disastrous results of their decision represent a challenge to normality and destabilize even more the already dysfunctional human relationships. This device depicts his awareness of his actions and his knowledge that the body is slowly decaying. When confronted with the facts about the body at the fishing site, Claire reacts violently, refusing to remain passive and act as a victim herself. They report it the next day, after hiking out of the isolated valley.

As the camera caresses water rushing over rocks and leaves rustling in the wind, every shot accompanied by an amplified sound mix including the buzz of bees and birdsong, the foursome—unthinkable as it may seem with a body nearby, tethered to a tree to keep her from drifting downstream—cast their lines. Claire, I am so exhausted. It is nighttime and the fish is being cooked on a campfire. Malek appears to have accidentally slipped while trying to exit the stage after the live broadcast had panned away from him. The film paints with fine brush strokes human behaviour in times of conflict and all involved in portraying this do it impeccably. The first shots give insights into his family life, showing him as a loving and caring father. The movie is beautifully shot, and succeeds in being deeply disturbing and mysterious, with richly achieved nuances of characterisation.

We see a shot of the sunset over the valley. When Stewart discovers the woman’s corpse, he panics, screams and makes the sign of the cross several times.

Jindwbyne throws her coffee in his face Claire: Stewart is not convinced that he has done anything wrong. Three months after I came back from doing the film, a friend of mine, not a really close friend but someone I had worked with, died. The opening credits are written over a rusty fi,m fence across the Australian outback. He used to filmm a rally driver and he has given up that life to become settled in this community. So Close To Home.

The men are confused—the girl was already dead, there was nothing they could do for her.


Jindabyne, 2006

That was one of the brilliant things Carver could do; take an everyday situation or in this case a tragedy and bring it to life without casting any judgements himself. During the night, Stewart Jinddabyne Byrne visits the body, treating it with great tenderness. He is a decent man who is constantly being forced to mediate between his wife and overbearing mother. Rocco Could have scooped him up with one hand. It is, however, a work of ambition and depth. There is a callousness about all of this which disturbs her deeply.

There was nothing anybody could do for her.

Jindabyne, – Byrneholics Online

Claire is the one who understands that various rituals and forms of identification and self-understanding must be gone through to achieve reconciliation with the family. The Aborigine residents accuse Stewart and his friends of being racists, in the belief that their indifference to the dead woman is due to their feeling of superiority over an indigenous Australian, who is, moreover, a woman.

Jindabyne Synopsis In the Snowy Mountains, an electrician Chris Haywood murders a young woman and dumps her body in a river. Lawrence, however, does not emphasize a nostalgic view of a community that now belongs to the past; instead he tries to explore attitudes towards the colonial past from his own standpoint as a white Australian. The men’s behaviour also reveals their complete ignorance of the beliefs and customs of the Aborigine community living on the outskirts of the town.

And equally that these involve a change in the relationship between men and women and a reassessment of what it means to be Australian. The disastrous results of their decision represent a challenge to normality and destabilize even more the already dysfunctional human relationships.

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Here we go, here we go! Stewart, alone, is squatting by the dark river. Billy I feel really trippy.

It scrip in particular the male protagonist who is forced to examine how he defines himself as a man, a husband and father, and as a member of the community. She also seems to be tempted to let the boy drown but decides to save him.

They do this thing, they actually think they are doing something right, by tying up the body and leaving it in the jindagyne, but it is after they get back they realise what they have done. I knew this piece last year. Later, auds see Gregory dump her pallid corpse being dumped in a river feeding the local reservoir, which covers over the land that was the site of the former town of Jindabyne.


Their decision to stay on at the river is a little mysterious—almost as if the place itself is exerting some kind of magic over them. We cut back to Billy, who continues walking.

Thanks to the generosity of the rights holders, we are able to offer ‘The river spirits in a good mood’ from the feature film Jindabyne as a high quality fjlm download. This clip is available in the following configurations: Guilt, regret, jkndabyne, ritual, marriage, sex, love, friendship between men, friendship between women, all those issues to a greater or lesser extent are raised.

The killer is an unsuspected member of the community whom Claire meets at church. Carl even makes a joke, in very poor taste, about the river spirits being happy, presumably a reference to the body. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Caylin-Calandria says she has no clothes on.

You may embed the clip for non-commercial educational purposes including for use on a school intranet site or a school resource catalogue. They remain extras and important only with respect to their function for the Whites. It was a stranger.

In doing so, he extends sympathetic understanding to the circle of men at the pivotal juncture—when they decide not to immediately hike back to report the body, but continue with their fishing plans for the next day. I have seen it two or three times now, and each time it gets better…. Copy and paste the following code into your own web page to embed this clip: Byrne and Linney are magnificent as the complex and slightly broken Kanes.