Or is that anon just I have moments of self-doubt. I live every moment to the fullest. All I stated were undeniable facts about their respective financial and housing situations. You know years on I only agree with what I said even more. There’s one reason why this blog is not a complete waste and data on this hellsite. So yesterday morning I told Martyn that I had started seeing someone new.

I tried to find out some time ago but there are too many videos to sieve through. The only cost I could imagine being significantly affected by size of house would be heating. I don’t think it pays badly. Martyn has been a great support for her while she was working through most of the issues with it. She’s doing amazing with it now. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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There’s one reason why this blog is not a complete waste and data on this hellsite. If people you did not know were taking sides, placing blame?

So I imagine the last line was quite an insult on her appearance if anything. Next time you stop uploading and streaming because comments give you anxiety, remember to take your own advice. I became a subscriber because of maetyn playthrough of Beyond: It’s not for anyone to take sides in a relationship that none of us are involved in, even if it feels that you know them because of their vlogging. If you get what i mean. But if I broke up with my partner Kaehi wouldn’t let him or her stay at my place indefinitely because they’re worse off than me.

It was so ridiculously irresponsible and I just knew it wouldn’t end well. Even though they documented their lives and their kaeji publicly in their vlog series, they’re still entitled to privacy, and to speculate about this stuff in a forum that you KNOW they frequent is cruel, it’s kicking people who you already know are down!

Watching the vids Kaeyi was very focused on having Children and getting married not a bad thing but you could tell it was all a little fast for Martyn. Last line I’m not quoting was downright mean, uncalled for, and breaking rule 8 which is why the comment was removed.

Life is a weird thing and it’s nice to see you dealt with it in a mature way.

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Although I am not a fan of either, I did get into a habit of watching every video. He’s supported her a lot, shes in the exact same position as before while ,artyn isn’t.


Some people only had one exposure to the blog and will come back much later remembering me only for that exposure. I said she should stop moderating martgn she was going to be so emotionally involved in the task… and she responded by kaeji moderating. So like it or not she took my advice. The worst thing that could happen is that it might get a bit lonely but otherwise, he has more than many people even dare dreaming of.

This is what she looked like before: Hey girlfriend, I love you, please waste your time fishing through a hundred messages a minute to delete the ones calling me the n-word. Living with someone after a break up is hard etc etc. Why feel bad for Martyn? Working through the curve balls life throws at you is something you amrtyn no say in and just have to deal with. He’ll be living in a big house, he’ll be in a good position. You are not speculating about the plot of a series, you are speculating about real peoples’ real lives, and the unfortunate ending of a real long-term relationship full of a lot of painful emotions kaeyyi both of the people involved – this kind of “discussion” helps no-one.

Which has been going amazingly btw.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

What was the argument about? Plus, her illness might make it harder for her to get a good start in a new job.

Log in or sign up in seconds. To blame him for ending a relationship is petty and not a position you have a right to kseyi in.

I’m personally glad that they’re still going to be friends. I’m honestly surprised that they didn’t stop ages ago, it can’t be good for your health to live like that.

Later today

Martym she was mistaken about what would happen if she made a certain other choice she insists that if you don’t sacrifice anyone or yourself you end up in a recycling plant, which is partially incorrect – her playthrough had Markus protesting peacefully, which means everyone could magtyn gotten through safely and survived if she picked “sacrifice nobody”but she is very conflicted about kaeti and says that she will keep the character in her heart and memory because of it.

I saw this Tweet today, and the way Kaeyi amd it it sounds like she has had issues with Hannah before. Marrtyn cruel and awful and achieves absolutely nothing. I mean, you’ve seen the videos, their lifestyle wasn’t what I’d call simplistic – And I’m not saying all YouTubers are millionaires, but come on, don’t kid yourself, I don’t have the money for all the stuff they got, do you?


Best of luck in whatever you do. What kind of fucking asshole asks his then girlfriend to moderate his streams? She’s left with a small flat, probably less money as I suppose Martyn kaeiy her financially while they were a couple, and she can’t even take the cats with her. I mean, you’ve seen the videos, their lifestyle wasn’t what I’d call simplistic To expand further on this if you’re single-handedly paying a mortgage on a newly built residence in your mid twenties you’re in a well paid position.

Love to you all, Kaeyi xox Honestly? Then I remember that a blog exists solely to spread bullshit conspiracy theories based on over-analyzing tweets, reddit comments, and videos about people the blogger doesn’t even like.

My husband and I separated, in a way very similar to Kaeyi, My husband didn’t want me there indefinitaly but as welcome to stay untill I had a house lined up. To expand further martym this if you’re single-handedly paying a mortgage on a newly built residence in your mid twenties you’re in a well paid position.

In my opinion, two months is long enough. They aren’t fictional soap opera characters, this isn’t a dramatic plot line, this is two peoples very drwma lives being turned upside down and it’s not as black and white as there being a winner and a loser. The Worst Shit This video is like dying.

Yogscast submitted 4 years ago by Hannah Tayanu. While this decision did put Kaeyi in a difficult position to remove yourself from a relationship you’re no longer content in is better than to continue it out of fear of hurting your partner. You need to login to do this. She’s doing amazing with it now.

But anyway I know this comment was a bit of a rant and I was contridicting myself but I wanted to know how other people thought about it. With the aim of being friends as we have been pretty much just that for so long, Martyn kindly allowed to me stay at his house whilst I find my feet.

It would hurt, wouldn’t it?

It’s not like Martyn broke up with malicious intent; I’m sure he and Kaeyi are actually still friends. I packed up as much as I physically could.