If an array of animated shorts depicting his words sounds captivating, then I’d surely recommend this to you. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Fantasia is the prime example of a series of collected works. Mustafa is informed that he will be granted his freedom to return home, and as he is escorted through town, Mustafa periodically delivers his insightful and inspiring words to the people of the land. While the Prophet looks and – again, for the most part – feels like a Disney movie, it differs in one key respect: The Prophet, my favorite book, has also become my favorite movie of all time. If Gibran’s work does not interest you at all, I still would say this is a must see, if you like animation art.

Some of the main story’s action is poorly timed, and its characters aren’t always as expressive as they could be a consequence of the cel-shaded 3D animation used to bring them to life. This is a pathetic Socio-wash with a bone-headed screenwriter pasting his personal ideology onto a timeless classic. I found this animated feature based on Kahlil Gibran’s poetry to be a beautifully animated and touching story. Gibran’s timeless verses have been given enchanting new form in this painterly cinematic adventure about freedom and the power of human expression. Caden Armstrong as Bully Girl. The story is really meant to just frame the poetry of the famous author, which is recited by Liam Neeson, who probably has the best voice in the world for such words. Novel -the father is glad that his son has matured, he thanks the fishermen sincerely and becomes a benefactor to the fishing village.

I loved all scenes especially the “children” chapter.

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Poppin’ Party Happy Party ! Unfortunately, as of this writing the film lacks North American distribution – which, I am equally sorry to say, isn’t surprising because it’s a difficult sell. Just leave us a message hte and we will work on getting you verified.

This means that the story is simple and has been created as an attempt to be family entertainment. What makes The Prophet worth watching is the animation. I highly recommend this exceptional movie to everyone who loves life and appreciates art in all its forms.


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Select a movie, or a city, or both, and click search. I cannot tarry longer. Animation was top notch and engaging as the kids around me proved it. Algeria, de Gaulle and the Bomb Showtimex I recognized some of the poetry from when my father shared them with me.

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This film is not just about the insightful poetry nor is it about the stunning animation only. Almatria is a little bit too impulsive, I know she’s like seven but no kid should be running away from their parents, climbing across rooftops to watch over somebody. Interestingly, a lot of the stuff about labor and work sounded very much like the stuff the Soviets would love don’t know if he was popular in the USSR.

Which brings me to that second question.

With gibean talent like Bill Plympton, Tomm Moore and Nina Paley on board, it’s no surprise that the segments are as attractive as they are different.

The main plot however is distracted by a number of poetic expositions, which were given to various other animation directors utilizing various animation forms that almost completely outshine the main story. He was a free man; no politics in the original.

With that in mind Everyone involved in the production of this travesty should be ashamed of themselves. The colors, the sounds, the settings, the music, the voices, everything about this movie woke up Gibran inside me. Amy Animating the Good and the Bad Les animaux fantastiques: Her mother is played by Selma Hayek, who is largely responsible for the project in the first place.

It almost felt like that I was watching Fantasia again. The movie is made as an impression of Ghibran SentientCrab 27 February View All Critic Reviews Given I’m conflicted, I’ll give this four collected works of Kahlil Gibran out of five purely on an artistic level. What followed was a very stereotypically fraternal dual reaction to move.


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The stuff about love and life, about showtjmes parents do not own their children got through to the kids who were watching around me in the theater. The backgrounds lack the usual Disney ostentation, which keeps the sights from overpowering the words.

Have you enjoyed Disney movies traditionally animated, not the studio’s modern Pixar-lite offeringsand do you like Gibran’s poetry? I bought the ticket for this movie with very low expectations, but God was I wrong! Over this poetry, several different animators the most famous of whom are Nina Paley, Bill Plympton and Tomm Moore interpret the text with their own animations.

Perhaps more importantly, none of my friends seem to have heard of him. The shadow puppets of Indonesia inspire a mesmerizing visual tableau accompanied by a song by Damien Rice. Selma Hayek did a beautiful job as Kamila. Unlike the previous reviewer, I actually do believe it will be quite popular in North America once it comes out, if not for any other reason, then because many people could find a favorite section or two in it, even if they don’t like the rest of it, it is sort of like a treasure box, which you could open to enjoy those couple pieces meaningful to you at that particular time.

In terms of film, there is a difference between an anthology and a collective set of work. I found this animated feature based on Kahlil Gibran’s poetry to be a beautifully animated and touching story.