Nandini, Navya, and Aryaman perform in the talent hunt. Mukti calls Alya and tells her that she will commit suicide as the FAB5 has separated. Doctor tells Manik’s friends about the condition of his hand. Manik’s state is a concern for Mukti and Abhimanyu too. Abhimanyu’s disappearance makes Mukti care less about anything other then her idea of fun. And then Nandini goes out from there.

Alia decides to get Dhruv back in her life. Nandini smiles at her Riddhima… Nandini! Navya, Kabir and Mukti reach the party. And I ruined all your plans. The professor requests Nyonika to ban Manik form the college festival. Raghav sir asks all of them to prepare for the upcoming music competition. Later, Nyonika gets furious at Nandini for sharing information with the media.

Harshad comes to the party. Manik and his kisi comes to rescue Mukti from Rocky and his group. Nandini shifts to Mumbai with Shannoo and Murthy for Rishabh’s treatment.

Manik continues with saying: Manik tells Nandini that he cannot share his problem with her.

Khanna she’ll keep Soha’s secret but in exchange of Manik’s arrest. Nandini’s plan to surprise Manik flops miserably after which he expresses his love for her.


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Navya starts doubting Dhruv and Manik to be gay after she ovearhears their conversation. She suggests Manik they should help Rishabh and Dhruv. Manik is worried about Nandini being harassed by the goons. Manik and Nandini have a moment to catch as Soha readies her plan.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 1 – Episode 193 – RIDDHIMA FEELS MANIK WAS RIGHT

Kabir talks to Nandini about him and Raghav. Mean while our manan is walking outside nd pandit follows dem. Nandini and Navya talk about Manik. This makes Nandini decide to join S. Then he takes her hands and kisses them. Pandit kidnaps Kaisj Manik saves Nandini from Prof Pandit’s clutches, but she suffers a great shock. Manik finds an amazing song from Navya’s diary. Manik stays with Rishabh at the hospital.

Aryaman and Harshad turn out to be childhood friends who want to destroy FAB5. Manik and Kabir executes their joint plan to change Dhruv’s mind. Khurana has accused him of Soha’s murder and hence he has gone into hiding.

Nandini learns about Soha’s plans. The doctor gives Nandini and her aunt hopes about Rishabh’s condition. Nandini taariaan Manik vouch to have no misunderstandings between them anymore.


Kabir teases Nandini about Manik. Nandini thanks Abhimanyu for the arrangements. Pundit is not someone….

Manik wishes Nandini goodluck for the competition. Dhruv catches Alya eating chocolates in the kitchen. Later, Manik kisi in traditional attire that astonishes Nandini. Manik talks to someone and asks about the lights. Kabir is worried about Raghav. And then Nandini goes out from there.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan – Episode

She says you should be. And… I should get yaarlaan credit for that! Prof Pandit asks for proof, Manik gets Aryaman to support him. On the other hand Kabir tells Navya that he is going to marry her. Aryaman asks Nandini to bring Manik to the construction site.

Nandini finds out from her grandma that Trilok was her student.