Add Image S2, Ep1. A password will be e-mailed to you. Khushi 10th Dec – 7: Neha 10th Dec – 7: Manik says that what is going on in that head and I will find my answers tomorrow. As she closes her ears nd eyes he wil close her mouth also saying that he wants to complete whole 3monkeys of gandhiji thing so shel laugh soundarya.

Maddy enters when it’s the singer’s turn in the performance and saves FAB5. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2. Wow just heard dat nandini wil accept maniks apology in farm house…. Maddy taunts his grandfather by telling him about his mind boggling rock music performance. Nandini gets a call from her aunt and she says that I will be right there. Nandini says that in love you need a heart not courage and you should not run when life gives another you should not run.

She goes to Manik and yyaariaan asks her if she is Okay, he offers her coffee, and after taking Nandini goes to through it. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2. Nia more exciting moments yet 2 cme stay tuned in kyy. Muktii asks of where Neunika is they informed her a long time ago. Manik says that what is going on in that head and I will find my answers tomorrow. Cabir says that what is he supposed to say when Manik says that they have never performed badly and he is worried about Nandini.


Manik comes whistling and Muktii asks if she misses him. Welcome, Login to your account.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Episode 98 (10th December ) | Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Episodes Story

Ustaad Mukesh disowns Maddy because he chose rock music over classical writren. Dhruv says that the infection in your hand got serious and there is nothing to worry about. Auhona 10th Dec – 8: Navya and Harshad are with the inspector and he asks her if she was with Harshad the whole night.

Navya hosts the upcoming show of FAB5. Maddy tries convincing Nyonika to let him contest. Nandini asks Maddy to put cow dung on his face if she wins the elections.

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Maddy torments Nandini by singing Manik’s song. DHruv says to Manik that there is only sided love between them and can never be completed.

Maisi wants to become the college President. Add Image S2, Ep6. Do everything to get ur love back! Outside Nandini is actually standing and crying and is about to leave when she comes inside.

Cabir calls Manik and tells him that the Fab5 has to submit two songs to the Q labels. Dont worry Tanvi…twists are yet to come…. Manik puts his finger on her lips and says that just to complete the picture. But some misunderstandings and doubts surround a few relationships. Harshad and Nandini are announced as the candidates for the President’s post. Dhruv says that I think I should move on.


Mukti rebels against her owner’s conventional thoughts. The doctor says that we might have to amputate his hand. Cabir says that he is great when a man comes and tells them that they have been called by the principle. Nandini finds a band that she gifted to Manik.

Wat happnd to manik? Dhruv tells him to take rest when Manik uaariaan of what happened to him. On Dec 9, I am on the 10th stndrd.

Manik is dancing with Nandini while she gets free and walks away and Manik falls on the ground as if hurt. Dhruv is looking for ALiya when Nandini comes from behind and starts to talk.

Sahil and his wife meet Navya regarding Abeer’s adoption. Nandini comes and meets her aunt and goes to Rishab and asks the doctor that she can help him.