He then confiscates the star and vows to Detective Nakamori that they will be each other’s biggest foes the rest of their lives, even if there is a bit of a lapse in time occasionally from then on out. Aoko forces Kaito to take her to Tropical Land, and just as it is about time for Kid to steal some crown jewels she handcuffs Kid inside the 3D movie that lasts 40 minutes. He does one final check of the case as the head of security before placing the jewels in the case. Needs A Season 5! Just as it appears Kid is about to become her newest puppet, snow begins to fall and her spell is broken. Retrieved September 17, When he sees Kaito refuse tickets to a concert with Aoko Nakamori, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Kaito ignores the warning and vows to steal a giant blue jewel.

Tales From Space In Superman 8. None other than Detective Conan is on the scene. When the Queen tricks Detective Nakamori into drinking with her the entire night Kaito realizes that his ice hasn’t melted and realizes it must be the jewel. A story about thieves, magicians and secret organizations. The next day Akako becomes angry because she can’t get Kaito to pay attention to her. Retrieved from ” https: What Is Horror Noire? Kid tries to save him, but Chuck refuses to give up the opals and falls to his death.

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Magic Kaito is able to create that atmosphere that just makes you want to live in Japan and deal with thieves and assassins in mysterious cases.

The possibilities are endless.

Now Kaito must figure out how to reveal the bell tower jewels are false while escaping from his greatest threat to date. Needs A Season 5! This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat He does one final check of the case as the head of security before placing the jewels in the case. A brief history of Magic Kaito Nightmare’s partners typically end up dead or captured by police the next day with their half of the loot found on them.

In what episode did kaito kiss aoko?

However Kaito chooses not to steal a kiss from Aoko. Chat Noir wants the two of them to try and steal the seventh jewel in the Cat’s Eye collection for a local Japanese hotel.


Login with ajax is not installed or active. The lights go out, and when the emergency lights are turned on the jewels appear to be floating in the water. At the end both groups are shown to be in the room disguised, and the big question is who will prevail in Aomo 2. Hi main goal is to catch Spider, an assassin that works in the secret organization.

Sho-File: Magic Kaito

Chuck has promised Kenta that if Nightmare is stopped they will be able to treat the disease, but until then he must travel the world looking for a way to stop him. Aoko doesn’t like the fact that Megumi’s ideal man is Kaito Kid himself. Teleportation Under The Moonlight” Transcription: Aoko is knocked out and it is then katio the mysterious man comes out and forces Kaito to remember a story that his mom told him of when she met his Father.

The Phantom Lady wants him to return all the counterfeit items she claimed as the Phantom Lady back to the counterfeiters, but only if they can get their just deserts in the process. Golden Wind Mid-Point Overview. Luckily Kid has another escape planned, a trick he only uses when his fuel line gets shot by the tranq gun. He magically dresses her as a princess and puts the emerald on her. When Kid tries to escape he unknowingly takes Conan with him. He tells his officers to look for the imposter, but Harukuba tells him to change his plan and head toward where Chuck Connery said to meet him at because Kid will have escaped on his hang glider.

When an obnoxious old man issues Kid a challenge to steal his purple gemmed znd, Kid comes up with a scheme that will make it look like he is porting as if he teleported.

Kaito comes to Aoko at the last moment, dressed as Kaito Kid, and dresses Aoko in a white princess gown. Kaito Kuroba is a 17 year old student. Who Are The JoJos?: After gaining possession of it, he learns that the group responsible for killing his father is stealing large jewels.

The man delivers the photos to another man, one who has placed a note on the jewel telling Kid to return to the scene of a miss crime 18 years ago. Shiro ka Kuro ka!? Kaito is confused by the reference and passes it over until Aook gets an invitation to a diner as a contest winner. However, Kaito runs into kait gem’s owner, Jody Hopper, and sees Snake following her. Aoko forces Kaito to take her to Tropical Land, and just as it is about time for Kid to steal some crown jewels she handcuffs Kid epizode the 3D movie that lasts 40 minutes.


Kaito dons the disguise of Aoko and reveals he is a master of disguise, allowing him to escape suspicion from Inspector Nakamori and Aoko.

And this show is specially interesting because the protagonist seems to be the villain. Chat Noir takes this time to cut off the bottom of Inspector Nakamori’s tie while Kid places slides the ring in a circle around Inspector Nakamori’s finger and places a dummy sticker on it. From that day, he leads a double life as a high school student by day and a magic thief by night. He tells Aoko of his suspicions, but she tells her father Kaito can’t be the Phantom Thief because he is taking her on a date the day that Kid is supposed to steal some crown jewels.

What he doesn’t know is the extra lights on the stage have been programmed to blind the audience so Kid can make his move, but will he be able to pull everything off in time?

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The Phantom Lady” Transcription: With the help of his Butler and Amount of Observers, Kid is able to sneak through more than people without any of them seeing the scheme attached to the stage. Ginzo, best known as Inspector Nakamori, is kod father of Aoko. However Kid has another challenge in the crowd that makes things difficult. Kaito finds no flaws in the plan.